‘Give That Oscar Back!': J-Law's Hunger Games Co-Star Gave Her a Hard Time

‘Give That Oscar Back!': J-Law's Hunger Games Co-Star Gave Her a Hard Time
Image credit: Lions Gate Films

After Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar, her on-screen mentor and friend Woody Harrelson did not let that slip and made sure to torment his younger co-star.

Receiving an Academy Award is the biggest dream for the majority of actors, but it often takes even the most acclaimed performers decades to win their first Oscar. Even Leonardo DiCaprio, of all people, struggled with it to the point where his not having an Oscar became a global meme — and the whole world applauded when he finally got his well-deserved award.

But while the ultimate A-listers often can’t win their first Academy Award for the longest time, sometimes younger performers get luckier. Jennifer Lawrence, for instance, won her first Oscar when she was just 22 for her performance in 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook. Such a major achievement could not have gone unnoticed.

Sure enough, when the Katniss actress returned to the set of The Hunger Games, she immediately became the butt of all jokes. The brand-new royalty of Hollywood couldn’t take a step on the set without being quipped at, and her co-stars were having the time of their lives joking about her well-deserved trophy.

Woody Harrelson, who played Katniss’s mentor Haymitch Abernathy, made it his primary goal to never let Lawrence forget about her Academy Award — especially when she made mistakes!

“She didn’t bring her Oscar with her. I’m curious to know who brings their Oscar on set. But every time she would forget a line, Woody would go, ‘Oh, better give that Oscar back!’ She was already a pretty big target, but after the Oscar, she was an even bigger target,” the actress’ co-star Josh Hutcherson told The Guardian.

Despite constantly joking that J-Law should give her award back, Harrelson and other colleagues were undoubtedly proud of her success. The Haymitch actor was likely laughing at himself, too: despite having been in the industry for decades longer than Lawrence and being nominated three times, Harrelson himself never won an Oscar.

Source: The Guardian