Georgie and Mandy Spinoff Has One Thing to Learn From Young Sheldon

Georgie and Mandy Spinoff Has One Thing to Learn From Young Sheldon
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Let’s see if the spinoff can repeat it.

Years after The Big Bang Theory ended, fans are realizing what a brilliant move it was to release Young Sheldon first and let people get used to it before shutting down the main show. Though the setup and premise were completely different, viewers fell in love with the Coopers and the show ended up being a huge success.

Over the years, people have tried to crack the secret of Young Sheldon's success, and everyone seemed to have their own version. Some were happy to see the show move to a single-camera format and get rid of the laugh tracks, while others preferred the family sitcoms to the adult ones. Young Sheldon star Raegan Revord has her own theory.

Is Young Sheldon Better Than The Big Bang Theory?

Though the fact that people now know and love Young Sheldon as a stand-alone show, without even watching the original series, speaks for itself. However, it's impossible to say which show is better than the other, since everyone has their own tastes and is interested in different kinds of stories.

One thing that makes the show so appealing to so many viewers is the relatability factor, according to Raegan Revord, who portrayed Missy Cooper. She talked about it in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet of the 49th Annual Gracie Awards.

“For every person there is a character that they can relate to somewhere in there. There are parents, who are trying to deal with life and the kids. There’s Missy, who is trying to deal with being a kid. Georgie, who is dealing with being a dad. There’s so much going on, and I feel like everyone can find someone to relate to,” she said.

Young Sheldon takes the formula of any family sitcom, bringing in as many different personality archetypes as possible and letting them coexist, but also adding some nostalgia charm to it. Many people can not only see themselves, but also their parents and grandparents, along with an atmosphere they themselves grew up in.

From the endless teenage drama to the constant Catholic guilt that haunts the family's matriarch, Young Sheldon is not only relatable, but also not afraid to openly laugh at the topics that not many other TV shows would, while still remaining perfectly respectful.

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Hopefully, the new Young Sheldon's spinoff, Georgie and Mandy 's First Marriage, which premieres this fall, will be able to replicate the same runaway success. If not, you can always re-watch your favorite Young Sheldon's episodes on Paramount Plus.