George’s Death in Young Sheldon Hits Even Harder After This TBBT Episode

George’s Death in Young Sheldon Hits Even Harder After This TBBT Episode
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Sheldon’s father got a sweet tribute in the original show, but back then it all wasn’t that devastating.

Ahead of its definite ending aired several weeks ago, Young Sheldon made sure to break its fans’ hearts by featuring a major character’s death in one of its final episodes.

Season 7 episode 12, titled A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture, reveals that Sheldon’s father George passed away after another heart attack, a plot twist that surely still has fans bawling their eyes out despite all the controversy that The Big Bang Theory initially created around George.

Though the original series was quite tough towards Young Sheldon’s beloved character, it did once give George credit in the final season’s touching scene which for some of Young Sheldon’s lovers may now appear impossible to rewatch.

In The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 10, titled The VCR Illumination, Sheldon and Amy are seen working on one of their theories that later on would earn both a Nobel Prize, but at that precise moment they seem to be stuck in their research with Sheldon realizing that he does need some more inspiration.

After all, he finds it, but in a very unexpected way when the character stumbles upon his father’s old VHS and watches the whole video. The tearful moment comes along when Amy is off the screen trying to find her laptop while Sheldon pauses the video and says “Thanks, dad. We’re gonna give them hell.”

It’s fair to say that the character’s phrase did turn out to be true as both Sheldon and Amy eventually were quick to make a real breakthrough afterwards.

Now that Young Sheldon is over having taken George Sr. away from his family, many fans wish nobody had ever told them about The Big Bang Theory’s touching tribute to the character as they now appear to be even more devastated than ever before.

Some of them claimed the original show unexpectedly gave them an even bigger PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) while others confessed they felt like someone really close to them had passed away.