George R.R. Martin Thinks House of the Dragon Fixed an Error That Game of Thrones Couldn’t Handle

George R.R. Martin Thinks House of the Dragon Fixed an Error That Game of Thrones Couldn’t Handle
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The original show failed the book series’ zest.


  • With Game of Thrones leaving the television back in 2019, its prequel House of the Dragon was quick to pick up the original show’s place now turning everyone’s eyes to the Targaryens’ rich history.
  • Though House of the Dragon had a lot to learn from its predecessor, it still nailed one major plot detail that Game of Thrones wasn’t able to show right.
  • The prequel eventually received acclaim from the book series’ author George R.R. Martin who called House of the Dragon “great satisfaction”.

With House of the Dragon’s season 2 making its way to the screens pretty soon, Game of Thrones’ universe is seemingly far from being discovered in full. The original show’s prequel takes everyone back to the House of Targaryen’s abundant story of betrayal and fight for the ultimate power with the help of their fantastic fire-breathing creatures.

Though House of the Dragon isn’t leaving the top of modern TV shows anytime soon anyway, the prequel seems to have another major upside that puts it at even a higher level than Game of Thrones itself.

The original show based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series was all great, garnering everyone’s accolades and numerous prestigious awards, but it still failed to show the whole story’s main point.

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Game of Thrones follows several plot lines simultaneously yet gives a bigger focus to Daenerys Targaryen who, at that time being considered the only living representative of the House of Targaryen, was captured using the black magic to later on raise three dragons that could potentially earn her bigger chances to end up on the desirable throne.

Going back to the times before Daenerys was even born, House of the Dragon still makes the powerful fantastic beasts the pivot of the whole storyline, but, according to George R.R. Martin himself has finally grasped the right way to do it, unlike its predecessor.

Earlier this year, while being present at one of HBO’s events, Martin revealed that he hadn’t been particularly impressed by how the dragons were shown in Game of Thrones as “they were like all the same”.

Though it remains unclear whether the author’s discontent was previously heard by House of the Dragon creators, the prequel still managed to right this wrong. According to Martin, the fact that the beasts in the prequel “had personality” and “came alive”, made him feel satisfied with how his beloved dragons finally got what they deserved all along.

Talking about House of the Dragon’s upcoming season, Martin revealed that he had been able to see the first two episodes that, as he put it, “may make you cry”. The author also teased some shocking plot twists saying that the new season is “powerful, emotional, gut-wrenching, heart-rending”.

Given the first review coming in from the whole story’s creator, we may definitely not be ready for it at all.

Source: Deadline