From X-Men to James Bond: 5 Opening Scenes Even Better Than the Rest of Their Movies

From X-Men to James Bond: 5 Opening Scenes Even Better Than the Rest of Their Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media, Twentieth Century Fox

These gems hooked the audience right from the beginning.

The rules of cinema imply that you should interest a viewer soon enough unless you want him to drop your movie. There are, however, seemingly perfect opening scenes, which manage not only to attract, but also to introduce you to the characters and the setting in the best way possible.

Here are 5 examples of the most remarkable movie headstarts, voiced by Redditors.

  1. Blade (1998) - The Blood Rave

The first R-rated Marvel movie definitely knew how to stand out among other superhero movies. Blade’s incredibly creative opening sequence shows a clubgoer involved in a secret underground rave, where the sprinklers begin to rain blood down upon the crowd that turn out to be vampires. Then the film’s titular protagonist epically appears and brings order to the club full of monsters.

  1. X2: X-Men United (2003) - Nightcrawler in the White House

The opening moments of the second installment of the X-men franchise feature Nightcrawler’s invasion of the White House in an attempt to assassinate the president. This scene is full of perfectly-choreographed action and gripping atmosphere, and it sets the dark tone for the whole film.

“Probably still the best action sequence in an X-men movie,” says Redditor @donblake83.

  1. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) - Indiana and the Idol

Next comes, probably, the best character introduction of all time. Here we have Harrison Ford ’s most iconic hero, Indiana Jones, sneaking into an ancient temple and stealing a precious golden idol from it. Then he’s chased through the jungle, and this scene perfectly demonstrates the unique feel of the franchise’s action sequences.

  1. Goodfellas (1990) - The End of Billy Batts

Martin Scorsese ’s crime drama introduces the whole group of the onscreen mafiosos, as they drive to the woods to dispose of the dead body of Billy Batts only to find that the man is not dead yet. The movie's horrifying opening scene “feels like you’re a new associate and Henry is introducing you to the crew”, as fairly admitted by @fleischio.

  1. Casino Royale (2006) - Bond’s License to Kill

Last comes Daniel Craig-starring movie of the James Bond franchise, starting with a sleek monochromatic sequence of Bond earning his license to kill people. He does it by chasing and then brutally killing the duo of traitors, and this scene is built so well that it perfectly sets the bar high for a darker follow-up of James Bond’s story.

Source: Reddit