Frasier's 5 Unforgettable Thanksgiving Episodes, Ranked

Frasier's 5 Unforgettable Thanksgiving Episodes, Ranked
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Five of the best from one of the most popular comedies of all time.

Christmas and Thanksgiving often provide standout TV moments. From finding the right gift to getting dinner perfect and navigating the complexities of family life, the issues the characters face resonate with viewers.

As one of the most popular comedy shows ever, it's no surprise that Frasier provided plenty of those moments. Here are the top 5:

5. Season 10, Episode 8: Rooms with a View

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A touching episode that sees Niles in hospital awaiting heart surgery. The rest of the Cranes (and Roz) are there to support him, and each of them is acting as you would expect them to. Martin is pretending like everything's fine, while Frasier has researched the procedure and now thinks he's an expert on it.

When the surgeon comes to discuss the procedure, Frasier challenges him and suggests there are better methods. The key moment comes when Niles, prepped for his operation and high on painkillers, questions whether hospitals, where we are born and go back to when we're sick, have memories.

There follows a montage of moments from the lives of those present that have happened in hospitals. In the end, the surgery goes well, Niles comes round, and things look like they're going back to normal. But there has been a moment of reflection for all of them along the way.

4. Season 11, Episode 5: The Placeholder

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Frasier's love life was never straightforward. In this episode, Roz sets him up with her friend Ann, but he quickly establishes they have no connection. But when Frasier tags along to a restaurant as something of a 'fifth wheel' and ends up in a child's seat, he starts to wonder where his life is headed.

After returning home disconsolate, then catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror with a blanket on his head and a cat in his arms. He looks like his Aunt Shirley, and it's all too much for him. So, he calls Ann and arranges to meet her for dinner.

3. Season 7, Episode 9: The Apparent Trap

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Everyone loves an episode with a great twist. In this Thanksgiving episode, everything points to the fact that Frederick is trying to trick his parents into getting back together again.

It all adds up. Estranged parents reconciled over Thanksgiving dinner due to the cute manipulations of a young boy who simply wants a loving family.

Really? In Frasier? No. Frederick is playing his parents off against one another in the hope of a new bike. Now, if only there were a psychotherapist in the house who would be able to see right through such a plan…

2. Season 4, Episode 7: A Lilith Thanksgiving

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Another 'family' Thanksgiving, another curveball thrown right at the Cranes. In this episode, the chance for Frederick to attend a prestigious school manages to supersede the idea of a Thanksgiving meal together. The prospect of their dear boy receiving a top-class education means Frasier and Lilith are not with the others as they prepare to spend the day together. Without giving anything away, Niles is the one preparing the feast…

1. Season 1, Episode 12: Miracle on Third or Fourth Street

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The first season of Frasier saw him forced to spend Christmas without his estranged son. Not exactly the jolliest of ideas and it's quite likely that many viewers expected the twist to be that Frederick did indeed turn up to see his dad on Christmas Day. But it was so much better than that.

With nothing to look forward to at Christmas, Frasier decided to work and spent his day taking phone calls from others suffering through a miserable holiday season. Still feeling sorry for himself after his radio is over, he goes to a diner that happens to be serving holiday meals for the homeless. When Frasier realises he hasn't brought his wallet, he's pleasantly surprised by the generosity shown as other diners come together to cover his bill.