Forgotten Chicago P.D. Character Will Finally Get Her Moment to Shine

Forgotten Chicago P.D. Character Will Finally Get Her Moment to Shine
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No one will be left behind.


  • To this day, NBC's One Chicago remains one of the most popular procedural franchises as it covers all three branches: legal, medical and first responders.
  • Although all three shows have had to deal with many cast changes, fans still demand some focus on those who remain.
  • Chicago P.D.'s Trudy Platt, for example, will get some exciting moments in the second half of the season, teases showrunner Gwen Sigan.

Managing a franchise as large as NBC's One Chicago must be a difficult task. Of course, there are many people working on each of the shows separately, but someone has to oversee them to present the unified picture. Otherwise, the magical feeling of the expanded universe, as well as any possibility of crossovers, will be shattered.

All three shows, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., have a lot on their plates this year in terms of casting changes. With all the comings and goings, it's far too easy to focus on those characters and completely forget about the series veterans who have kept the shows stable over the years.

Many fans feel that's what happened to Chicago P.D.'s Sergeant Tudy Platt. However, season 11 may make them change their minds.

Is Trudy Platt Leaving Chicago P.D?

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The whole idea of an ensemble show is to watch the characters interact as a group, rather than being stuck with the same people all the time. Recently, however, Chicago P.D. has had a strong focus on individual characters and exploring their struggles.

While fans never mind a deep dive into someone's background, they feel that other cast members are left out. Trudy Platt, for example, has been very quiet the past few years, and viewers would like to see that change.

However, according to Chicago P.D. showrunner Gwen Sigan, this season will bring something exciting for Trudy as well:

“We have some really beautiful scenes for her coming up, helping a few of our characters deal with the cost of this job. <...> I’m also very excited about an upcoming Upton episode (Episode 10 of this season) that features Platt heavily. She’s a real part of the case — and it’s perhaps one of our strangest and darkest cases of the season,” she said.

While this answer doesn't suggest that Trudy will be getting her own episode anytime soon, it does promise some interesting moments to look forward to. As part of the show since the very first episode of the first season, Sergeant deserves nothing but praise and recognition, and we're ready for her to shine.

If you are interested in seeing what the future holds for Trudy Platt or any of the other characters on Chicago P.D., be sure to tune into season 11 of the show every Wednesday on NBC. Stay tuned for more exciting news and character updates!

Source: TVLine