Forget Paige, This Young Sheldon’s Dropped Storyline Is So Much Worse

Forget Paige, This Young Sheldon’s Dropped Storyline Is So Much Worse
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Missy deserved better.

Every time the show comes to an end, fans wait for it to address some of the seemingly long-forgotten, but very important, storylines. After all, even a small callback to past events can make or break the way loyal fans view the show. Young Sheldon was no exception.

Of course, as the show moved toward its finale, fans lost hope that some of the dropped storylines would make a comeback. No one really expected McKenna Grace's Paige to appear on the show, but thought there might be a way to address her, leaving an easter egg for fans to enjoy. But she wasn't the only character who ended up being forgotten.

Why Did Missy Want to Learn Baseball?

Back in episode 4 of the third season of Young Sheldon, Missy came to her father and asked him to teach her how to play baseball. Granted, at the time it was just an easy way to impress the boy she liked, but then it turned into some quality father-daughter time and led to Missy joining the school team.

Surrounded by two brothers, the older one, Georgie, who is ultimately cooler than any of the younger kids, and Sheldon, a young prodigy who is recognized and cared for by everyone around him, Missy often felt left out and unhappy. This led to her later becoming a difficult and unfriendly teenager.

However, if the show hadn't dropped the baseball storyline as soon as it became useless for the boyfriend business, Missy might have had a different ending. Baseball is a perfect sport to blow off steam, and with her dad as a coach, they could have made it a weekly tradition to spend time together on the field.

Most importantly, Missy would have had something the writers didn't give her. She could have been better at something than either of her brothers ever were. Baseball could have become her special talent, but it was lost and forgotten between the storylines of the following episodes.

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Baseball arc lasted between seasons 3 and 4, and made its brief return in season 5, but was never directly addressed after that. Viewers were just left to wonder if she quit or continued to play, but it was never brought up. Either way, it's a shame that Young Sheldon didn't give her an area to excel and come back to.

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