First Look at Ironheart's Suit Leaves Fans Baffled

First Look at Ironheart's Suit Leaves Fans Baffled
Image credit: Marvel Studios

It's surely nothing like Tony Stark's nano-tech.

With the first photos of Dominique Thorne as Ironheart emerging online, people got a rare sneak-peek at how the character who is supposed to be Tony Stark's heir in the MCU will look. And it seems that the first reactions are quite mixed.

Thorne's character is seen wearing a massive grayish suit of armor which looks closer to War Machine's outfit rather than that of Iron Man. People, who apparently expected Ironheart to sport something sleeker and more fit, were pretty baffled to see the suit – even though many are happy to know that she is not just another Iron Man clone.

"Giving me early Iron Man MCU fees with a lot of the suit being practical. I’m hoping they only use CGI when they do need it like they did with the original Mark 1, Mark II and Mark III suit." - @HemstockLiam

Besides, chances are that the suit Thorne is seen wearing in the photos from the set is not going to be Ironheart's final outfit. After all, Tony Stark had dozens of the suit's variants, changing them every so often, sometimes even within just one movie. In the comic book, Ironheart also started off with bulky suits only to make them sleeker after a while.

Another thing that got people talking was the design choice, with the color palette not really channeling the Iron Man vibes.

"I feel like the left arm and the abdominal area have some captain America influence going on but maybe I'm crazy. Feel like I'm seeing some red/blue design on the arm where cap had his shield." - @ SlickDanger1

Dominic Thorne's first appearance as Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart is expected in 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ', with reports suggesting that one of her inventions is going to trigger some skirmish in the movie. However, little official information has been released regarding Riri's actual role in 'Wakanda Forever', with the film set to be focused on the Wakandan leaders protecting the kingdom after late Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa's death.

'Wakanda Forever' hits big screens on November 11, 2022, finalizing Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thorne's character is then set to return in her solo series, 'Ironheart', set for a late 2023 premiere on Disney Plus.