Fans Think Young Sheldon Has All the Reasons to Get a Season 8

Fans Think Young Sheldon Has All the Reasons to Get a Season 8
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The ended prequel joined the list of stories that should’ve kept going further.

Young Sheldon is no longer CBS’ long-standing successful sitcom as the show officially ended its run several weeks ago having dedicated seven seasons to exploring Sheldon Cooper’s earlier life before he left his Texas home for studies in California.

Initially launched as The Big Bang Theory ’s prequel, the show adopted a completely different perspective from what most of the original series’ lovers ever expected to see, bringing to light not only Sheldon himself, but also his family members.

Now that the show said a definite goodbye to its titular character who in the finale was off to college, fans find it difficult to believe that this particular plot twist was the end of it all, leaving no chance for other major characters to continue their storylines.

Even with a changed perspective that embraced the lead’s household, Sheldon was still the heart of the show that didn’t see any point in continuing its run after the lead character got off the screen. Still, many of those who were left heartbroken by the series’ cancellation seem to be reassured that Young Sheldon had no real problem with the character’s eventual departure.

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A new thread was started on Reddit several days ago by a comment which suggests that the show should’ve at least got itself an eighth season giving a chance to its other characters to get a decent closure instead of just being dropped at one of the most difficult moments of their lives.

Fans were quick to get involved in the discussion offering their own ideas for how things would go for Young Sheldon’s rest of the main characters. Many coincided in their point of view about Sheldon’s twin sister Missy who, now being a teenager, “would start a serious rebellious phase.”

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Sheldon’s older brother Georgie would become the whole family’s new patriarch after George Sr.’s tragic passing while Mary “would go even deeper into her religion than ever before”. Some also reflected on how Sheldon’s grandma Meemaw would change, suggesting that she wouldn’t become that different, yet she would still have remorse regarding the way she treated her son-in-law while he was alive.

Lastly, fans also had an idea about Sheldon’s future claiming that his journey in CalTech would probably start with him meeting his long-standing rival Barry Kripke and becoming friends with young Stuart who later on would get himself that famous comic book store.

Source: Reddit