Fans Rally For Moses Ingram to Play Storm Amid Her Rumored Talks With Marvel

Fans Rally For Moses Ingram to Play Storm Amid Her Rumored Talks With Marvel
Image credit: Legion-Media

After her performance in 'Obi-Wan Kenobi', the actress might be heading straight into the MCU.

Moses Ingram, who portrayed Reva in Disney 's 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ', may soon be introduced into Marvel movies as she is in talks with the studio, according to Marvel insider Daniel RPK.

Her part in the Star Wars universe has already faced a great deal of controversy, with many fans castigating her character as forced and unlikeable – something that was deemed by the studio and a lot of other fans to be racism.

However, Marvel fans seem to be more welcoming of Ingram. In fact, they already have a role for her, with many people rallying for the actress to portray Susan Storm in 'Fantastic Four '. The fancast comes as Marvel fans buzz in anticipation for the studio to finally unveil the cast and crew behind the upcoming adaptation of 'Fantastic Four' – something that could happen during San Diego Comic-Con or later at the D23 convention.

"While i didn't like her character in Obi Wan, I am sure she will kill it playing a Marvel character. Storm perhaps." – @MajinTenshi.

Many people also see Ingram as a good cast for Misty Knight, but the role is already taken by Simone Missick.

Overall, Marvel fans seem to be pretty excited by the possibility of Ingram joining the MCU no matter what role she might end up landing. While Reva remains a controversial character for many, people hope that Marvel projects will manage to secure Ingram a hero (or an antagonist, who knows?) that won't stir this many debates.

The actress herself has not commented on the rumors, and neither did the studio.