Fans Found the Most Bizarre SpongeBob Connection in MCU

Fans Found the Most Bizarre SpongeBob Connection in MCU
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Nickelodeon

Every Marvel fan should be watching The Fairly OddParents right now.

Fans of Marvel often come up with some really clever and intricate theories. But every once in a while, they stumble upon these super wild connections or hidden meanings that, honestly, might not even seem to make much sense. Case in point, such a bizarre link has been posted on Reddit.

A Reddit user shared a lightbulb moment they had: if SpongeBob exists in the MCU ( thanks to a Tony Stark line in Endgame), then Nickelodeon must exist in that universe too.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony Stark, ever the king of pop culture references, calls Thanos' henchman Ebony Maw "Squidward," referencing the popular character from SpongeBob SquarePants. This offhand joke not only got a good laugh from the audience but also subtly confirmed the existence of SpongeBob in the MCU.

So, if Nickelodeon exists in the MCU, then another show that airs on the channel should exist, — The Fairly OddParents. The fan recalled an episode where Timmy Turner becomes Galactus, and his parents turn into superheroes.

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In The Fairly OddParents episode titled Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, Timmy is frustrated with his overworked parents who never have time for him. In a desperate attempt to get their attention, he wishes for them to have superpowers, turning them into the crime-fighting duo, Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad.

But, as with most of Timmy's wishes, things don't go as planned. His superhero parents become so engrossed in saving the world that they neglect him even more.

To get his parents' attention, Timmy makes another wish, turning himself into the ultimate villain, Galactimus, Eater of Planets. This towering, purple-armored version of Timmy is a clear nod to the iconic Marvel villain, Galactus.

Galactus hasn't shown up in the MCU yet, but with the Fantastic Four movie on the horizon, it's pretty likely we'll finally get to see him in action soon.

So, if SpongeBob exists in the MCU and Nickelodeon shows are a part of that universe, does that mean Timmy Turner predicted the arrival of Galactus in the MCU? It's a wild theory, but it's definitely a fun one.

Source: Reddit