Fans Already Hate Andor Season 2 Despite It Being ‘Bigger and Smarter’

Fans Already Hate Andor Season 2 Despite It Being ‘Bigger and Smarter’
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Andor is about to get rid of its main advantage.

We will have to wait a while for the final chapter of the Andor story. Series creator Tony Gilroy hinted in February 2023 that the series would return in 2024.

However, it was later revealed that Disney+ does not plan to drop the show in 2024, and the second season will not be released until 2025. The new chapter of Andor was removed from the 2024 release schedule largely due to the Hollywood strikes.

Adria Arjona Shared Some Details About Andor Season 2

Although the creators of the main hit in the Star Wars franchise are not sharing details about the next season, actress Adria Arjona, who plays Bix Caleen, gave viewers a general idea of what to expect from the continuation of the story. Here's what Adria said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar:

“I’m so scared to talk about Andor. But all I can say is that this second season is just so much bigger and smarter – and it even surprised me.”

Andor Doesn't Need to Get Bigger, Fans Say

However, this news did not please Andor's numerous fans. They claim that the main advantage of the project was that it told a small, more personal story.

“We don't need bigger. Small stories of limited consequences are interesting in this giant universe. The story of a normal guy who finds himself the target of the empires [was] a huge part of the appeal of the first season,” Reddit user rcchomework wrote.

Andor's Main Advantage is Its Small-Scale Story

One of the main problems with the entire Star Wars franchise is that the characters usually lack depth. Often, this problem is due to the scope of the events that do not allow for a large number of characters to be revealed.

In recent years, several screenwriters have tried to solve this problem, but they have not been very successful. Andor, from the very first episode, not only introduces the viewer to the characters, but also explains their relationship to each other.

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Flashbacks, acting, high quality dialog – absolutely all components are on the highest level, so the story comes to life. And it is absolutely not necessary to remember all the details of the political conflicts in the Star Wars universe to empathize with the characters: they are self-sufficient anyway.

And while the promise of larger scale events in Andor's second season is indeed worrisome – after all, that's been the main problem with many Star Wars projects – there's still hope. Season 1 did a brilliant job of developing the characters and their relationships, and perhaps that foundation will only benefit in the face of a larger conflict.

Source: Harper's Bazaar