Fan Video Made Spider-Man: No Way Home 10 Times Better With This Unlikely Spidey

Fan Video Made Spider-Man: No Way Home 10 Times Better With This Unlikely Spidey
Image credit: Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios

It’s a shame the Japanese Spider-Man wasn’t in No Way Home.

Spider-Man, the beloved superhero, has seen countless adaptations over the years. From comics to movies, from cartoons to video games, Spidey has swung his way into our hearts.

Spider-Man fans absolutely loved the latest live-action film featuring the superhero — Spider-Man: No Way Home. It was a real delight to see the previous iterations of the character, portrayed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, alongside Tom Holland.

However, there's one version of Spider-Man that stands out for its sheer uniqueness and audacity: the 1978 Japanese Spider-Man, also known as Supaidāman.

The YouTube video titled "Meeting Japanese Spider-Man Goes Wrong" humorously put this version of a character into the movie.

Japanese Spider-Man jumps into a portal opened by Ned and MJ. We hope you didn’t expect him to be as nice and friendly as Andrew and Tobey’s Spideys because this guy is no joke.

When Ned says “He’s just a random guy,” our “hero” responds “I am Emissary from hell — Spider-Man!” (at least that’s what the subtitles say). After Ned’s granny starts screaming, Spider-Man pulls out a gun and straight-up kills Ned, his grandmother and MJ. Not exactly a friendly neighborhood, right?

The Japanese Spider-Man series happened because Marvel and Toei, a Japanese entertainment company, got together and made a deal. They kept the classic Spider-Man suit, but they totally revamped everything else to make it more appealing to the Japanese viewers.

Ever heard about the Japanese Spider-Man?

Unlike the familiar story of Peter Parker, a young photographer who gains spider-like abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider, the Japanese Spider-Man is a whole different ball game. Takuya Yamashiro is a motorcycle racer who stumbles upon a crashed UFO named Marveller.

He goes inside and meets Garia, the last survivor from Planet Spider. Turns out, that planet got wrecked by the wicked Professor Monster and his Iron Cross Army. Yamashiro gets spider powers through a blood transfusion with Garia.

But there's more: he also gets the keys to the Marveller, a rad spaceship that can morph into a giant robot called Leopardon.

This Spider-Man doesn't just swing around the city catching thieves. He battles Professor Monster's army, which includes a plethora of giant monsters. And when things get too tough, he calls upon Leopardon to deliver some robot-sized justice.