Fan-Favorite Thriller Show With Jodie Comer Lands on Netflix in April

Fan-Favorite Thriller Show With Jodie Comer Lands on Netflix in April
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The series ended in 2022, but now gives fans one more incentive for another rewatch.


  • The British spy series Killing Eve starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer will be available on Netflix starting from April 15.
  • The plot mainly follows relationships between an MI6 agent and an assassin whose mutual pursuit will later turn into an obsession with each other.
  • The show didn’t do so well after the writer and producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge had left it after season 2, but yet still gathers many fans in the desire to rewatch at least the first two seasons.

Killing Eve has been quite a phenomenon in recent television history — with a thrilling cat-and-mouse storyline and female strong characters that yet are weak enough to fall for each other in the midst of fierce rivalry, the show has managed to hold millions of viewers near the screen for four years.

Even though sometimes these viewers' opinions on the series’s development were quite different.

Now that Killing Eve is over for almost 2 years, there seems to be another chance for it to come back to the fans' watchlist — the famous show has found a new home and is coming to Netflix on April 15.

Luckily, the platform is set to own all four seasons, so the subscribers will get to see the entire show of 32 episodes.

The spy drama starring Sandra Oh as Eve, an MI6 reluctant agent with problems to fix in her personal life, and Jodie Comer as psychopathic queer killer Villanelle premiered with its first season in 2018 and rapidly gained international love from both viewers and critics who praised the actresses’ performances and the plot versatility.

Though Killing Eve’s prosperity didn’t last as long as it could — fans noticed that something was missing from the overall idea already after the third season was released. The reason for this may surprisingly be the eccentric actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge who is more prominent thanks to her own play and then series adaptation Fleabag.

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It was Waller-Bridge who actually adapted Luke Jennings' book series Codename Villanelle for the television and then produced Killing Eve — but quit the show after season 2. Thus, after the series was left without its main source of potentially vital ideas it just lost its track on the way back to previous stunning success.

And even though the show’s final left quite many fans bewildered if not totally disappointed, there will surely be a lot of them who won’t be able to restrain themselves from rewatching the action spy story — now that it’s close to its constant position on Netflix.