Fallout Season 2 to Be Half-Pre-War America, Half-New Vegas, Creators Reveal

Fallout Season 2 to Be Half-Pre-War America, Half-New Vegas, Creators Reveal
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Fallout showrunners are ‘dangerously enamored’ by the pre-war world and want to spend as much time there as possible in Season 2… Also, in New Vegas. A bit.

Prime Video ’s Fallout had an amazing Season 1 and did something the original games never could: used flashbacks into the pre-war world for context. Granted that they were all Cooper’s, they gave us quite the backdrop, but while some fans thought they’d end in Season 2, they were wrong. Very, very wrong — and naive.

In fact, if you thought Fallout S2 would be set in New Vegas, you were wrong, too. Apparently, it will be set in pre-war flashbacks — and only then, in New Vegas.

Fallout Season 2 Will Explore the Past More

Showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner recently sat down with The Wrap to discuss all things Fallout — but primarily, of course, Season 2. There are many questions fans want answered, and the show’s creators did their best to address them. The flashback mechanic was one of the topics discussed.

“We’re so interested in that pre-war world! I think we want to live in that world as much as it can be tolerated. I know we’ve got a lot of story to move forward in the ‘present day’ of our story, but we’re just so dangerously enamored by the pre-war world as well that we can just hang out there almost too much,” Wagner shared.

If this means more pre-war Cooper Howard and evil Vault-Tec shenanigans, we’re very much down for it! But what about the, you know, actual present-day narrative?

New Vegas Will Be the Jewel of Fallout Season 2

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As we saw in the finale of Season 1, Lucy and Cooper reached the Mojave Wasteland with the ruins of New Vegas standing guard above the desert in the distance. That last shot alone had all OG fans hyped: New Vegas is rightfully considered the most interesting Fallout game, and the showrunners agree.

“New Vegas is a game that we really admire in so many ways. There’s so much mythology that we’re really excited to be able to explore. <...> New Vegas has so many great ideas in it and has so much fun. And at the same time, it’s very dark. <...> We are walking into New Vegas. So I guess I’ll just dangle that and see what folks make of it who know the lore as well as we do,” Robertson-Dworet added.

So, two major directions are to be explored in Fallout Season 2: pre-war America and New Vegas. Both are equally exciting as we know very little about what was going on in the States just before the bombs dropped — and very little about what happened in the Mojave Wasteland after the Battle of the Hoover Dam.

Exciting stuff, folks.

Source: The Wrap