Even Chris Evans’ Defense Can’t Help MCU At This Point

Even Chris Evans’ Defense Can’t Help MCU At This Point
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The actor believes the genre doesn't get the credit it deserves, but fans think he's clueless about the root of the problem.


  • The superhero movie genre is currently on the decline, with many films proving to be underwhelming and causing a backlash
  • Chris Evans, however, thinks the genre doesn't get the credit it deserves because it's "tough" to make good superhero movies
  • Fans, on the other hand, feel that the actor is completely missing the point in his defense of superhero movies

The superhero movie genre has come a very long way to be taken at least somewhat seriously by the general public, as only two decades ago no one could have predicted that it would grow into a huge multi-billion dollar industry.

Over the past few years, however, such films have slowly become less and less successful, with many of the recent entries in the two biggest superhero franchises, MCU and DCU, generating significant backlash from fans who found them underwhelming.

Chris Evans Defends the Genre

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In light of all this, Chris Evans, who knows the genre firsthand, having portrayed the Human Torch in the 2000's Fantastic Four movies and Captain America in the MCU for almost a decade, is rushing to their defense.

During his recent visit to Emerald City Con 2024, the actor revealed that he believes superhero movies don't get the credit they deserve because most of them are huge projects that take an enormous amount of effort to make.

According to Evans, it's very hard to make a masterpiece of the genre and “more cooks in the kitchen doesn’t make it easier.”

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Still, Evans feels that many of the MCU installments that have come out over the years are objectively "phenomenal" and deserve a little more credit.

Do you agree with the actor's point of view?

Fans, on the other hand, point out that the actor completely misses the point of defending superhero movies, since no one (aside from a few old-school filmmakers) is saying that the genre itself is inherently bad.

Actually Good Superhero Movies Still Get Praised

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Many of the MCU movies up until Avengers: Endgame, which perfectly wrapped up the Infinity Saga, were brilliant, and some great Marvel movies are still coming out.

But it is undeniable that superhero movies are on a definite decline, and it has nothing to do with the genre, as movies like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are still getting rave reviews.

Fans rightly mention that the vast majority of movies are also hard to make, but that in no way justifies them if they turn out bad, and superhero movies are no exception.

Hopefully the next installment in the MCU, Deadpool & Wolverine, which is scheduled for release on July 26, 2024, will not disappoint and prove that if a superhero movie is actually good, it has no problem getting the praise it deserves.

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