Don't Expect This Doctor Who Actor In Any Future Multi-Doctor Crossovers

Don't Expect This Doctor Who Actor In Any Future Multi-Doctor Crossovers
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The Doctor incarnation that will never set foot in the TARDIS again is actually the one that fans love and miss.

Nostalgia has long been in the Doctor Who creators' toolbox, and they have perfected the use of it.

Whenever a special episode is on the way, fans know they can expect some heartwarming cameos from beloved characters. In that vein, the most recent episode, The Power of the Doctor, broke all sorts of records. While bidding farewell to Jodie Whittaker, the episode featured eight versions of the Doctor and a handful of fan-favorite companions.

So many surprise cameos blew the minds of Whovians everywhere. And the very last scene had them on cloud nine. When the Thirteenth Doctor regenerated, viewers didn't see what they expected – the face of Ncuti Gatwa – but what they secretly wanted, David Tennant's Doctor.

Tennant's comeback is undoubtedly a pleasant development for millions of Whovians. But since this is not the first time the beloved actor has reprised his iconic role, it is not too shocking. Previously, the Tenth Doctor appeared in the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, released in 2013.

And while Tennant and other former Doctors are clearly happy to return to their Time Lord duties, even if only for a brief scene, there is one incarnation that fans will likely never see on screen again.

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In his interview with, Peter Capaldi completely shut down the idea of him returning to the Whoniverse.

"I've sort of done my time on [Doctor Who]," the actor explained (via We Got This Covered). "And I like the idea that you leave that as it is instead of constantly digging up more of it, you know?"

Capaldi played the Doctor for three years in seasons 8 to 10 and became one of the most popular incarnations. The actor said that he truly loved the sci-fi show and, like millions of fans, was looking forward to what the new season would bring. He added that he was very touched by all the love that the huge Doctor Who fandom was sending him.

No doubt such a firm stance will disappoint a large number of Whovians who miss the Twelfth Doctor even five years after he regenerated into Jodie Whittaker. The 60th anniversary special could be even more epic with Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi on board. But alas, we can't have it all.