Doctor Who’s Millie Gibson Already Became the Best Companion in Just 3 Episodes

Doctor Who’s Millie Gibson Already Became the Best Companion in Just 3 Episodes
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She is one of us now.


  • Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the 15th Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday are the new TARDIS Team for the 14th series of Doctor Who.
  • Ruby’s backstory has been explored in the Christmas episode, The Church on Ruby Road, and now the show is free to show their adventures.
  • Millie Gibson has already become a fan-favorite, and she has some of the previous companions to thank for that.

One of the things that makes Doctor Who so popular with British audiences, and now just as popular in the US, is the way each generation has its own Doctor to look back on. Although the show has been popular in the UK for decades, it only arrived in America at the beginning of the 11th Doctor era, but has seen quite a few Doctors since then.

Of course, it's expected that every single person who steps into the TARDIS and embarks on the intergalactic adventure of a lifetime will be inspired by someone who's already been the Doctor. Millie Gibson, for example, the Doctor's most recent companion, has scored some points with viewers by naming her in-universe role model.

Millie Gibson Talking About Amy Pond

Despite being only 3 episodes into the 15th Doctor and Ruby Sunday's journey (if we count the 2023 Christmas special), Millie Gibson has already earned the title of fan favorite, thanks to her sweet and bubbly personality and genuine love for the Doctor Who universe that many fans hold dear to their hearts.

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As soon as the actress stepped into the role, she was bombarded with questions about her own experiences with Doctor Who and was able to share some details. The more viewers got to know Gibson, the more they fell in love with her and her character. The actress, on the other hand, was quick to proclaim her love for another former companion, Amy Pond.

In fact, as Gibson told Entertainment Weekly, she reached out to the actress who portrayed Amy on the show, Karen Gillan, and got some very practical advice:

“She was really lovely, and she gave me such down-to-earth wise words. It’s such a unique role, so your experience is very much like no other. So, when you get to talk to a past companion, it’s very reassuring and beautiful to be told that it’ll be okay and to enjoy the ride,” the actress said.

Because of her love for Matt Smith 's era of the 11th Doctor, fans around the world feel much closer to her. The 11th Doctor's run with Amy Pond, as well as her husband Rory and River Song, was the introduction for many young people in their 20s, and the first that American audiences got to experience as an ongoing series.

Of course, Gibson's Ruby Sunday has a lot of great qualities about her that deserve just as much attention, but it's the similarities to Amy Pond that make viewers fall in love with her at first sight and crave more in the coming episodes.

If you are one of those Whovians fascinated by the dynamic duo of the 15th Doctor and his charming companion Ruby, be sure to tune in to Disney Plus every Saturday not to miss another episode of the 14th series.

Source: Entertainment Weekly