Doctor Who Fans Come Up With a Perfect Way To Bring Back Any Companion

Doctor Who Fans Come Up With a Perfect Way To Bring Back Any Companion
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The loophole that must be used.


  • Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series about an alien called the Doctor who has the ability to regenerate and change his face.
  • The character has been portrayed by many actors during its 60-year run, and his companions have always changed.
  • After the 60th anniversary and the comeback of David Tennant, fans believe that any companion could be brought back in the same way.

If there's one thing the Doctor Who fandom loves more than David Tennant, it's a good nostalgic moment or an Easter egg.

While it's clear that under the Disney Plus umbrella, Doctor Who is working hard to broaden its audience and invite new viewers along on the transgalactic journey, the loyal fans will always be important to the franchise.

To please them, the creative team behind the show always comes up with different ideas to connect the present stories with the past. Some recurring characters, monsters or even references to the past events usually do the trick.

However, with the return of the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, for a 14th incarnation, the appetites of Whovians have grown.

The ability to bring back a beloved actor was seen as a means to bring back anyone who would be on board. And while any Doctor from the past would always be welcome on screen, the companions could make an even more curious case.

Doctor Who’s Rose Tyler Comeback

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If there is a way to possibly bring back the characters stuck in alternate realities or past timestreams, the fans will grab onto that idea and never let go. Such beloved companions as Rose Tyler or Amy and Rory Ponds deserve their moment in the spotlight no less than Donna Noble.

Well, technically, it wouldn't be them blessing our screens. It would be the Doctor accidentally reincarnating into someone he's already traveled with. A story like this will bring not only the overwhelming excitement of the fandom, but also a lot of drama and self-doubt for the main character.

Considering that parting with his companions has never been easy for the Doctor, and that they have often lost each other in tragic circumstances, every face they see in the mirror could bring back a lot of memories. The guilt the Doctor carries for not being able to save those he loves most would probably be even more pronounced.

Also, after Ncuti Gatwa 's run as the Doctor, many viewers would be open to the idea of another female incarnation taking his place. From Billie Piper to Jenna Coleman, the Doctor Who cast has seen so many talented actresses play the companion that it would be a crime to deny them the chance to shine as the Doctor themselves.

However, even if the team behind the show were interested in exploring such a concept, it would not be anytime soon until we see it.

For now, Ncuti Gatwa is confirmed for two years as the 15th Doctor, and his first solo season hasn't even aired yet. But keep an eye out for news and updates!

Source: Reddit