Doctor Who Ex-Showrunner Reveals the Biggest Regeneration Secret

Doctor Who Ex-Showrunner Reveals the Biggest Regeneration Secret
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Let’s end this debate once and for all.

Running for more than 60 years, Doctor Who has gone through many different changes, and the change of actors is one of them. The Doctor's ability to change his face was written into the show's premise as a process of regeneration that takes the place of death. Then it was just a matter of casting the best possible Doctor.

From Christopher Eccleston to Jodie Whittaker, every single version of the Doctor has been amazing and has its own fanbase. However, the fandom is always left wondering who will be the next Doctor, and if there is even a possibility for the next Doctor to come.

How Many Regenerations Does the Doctor Have?

Even though Doctor Who is set in the universe where anything is possible, fans still try to make sense of its rules. At least when those rules affect the titular character himself, as regeneration does. For some time, fans believed that the Doctor had a limited number of these, and then this was debunked.

Even though the concept is simple, the details still continue to bug viewers' minds.

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Speaking to Cinemablend, former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat lifted the curtain of mystery from what was always obvious in terms of production, but somewhat ruined the beauty of the universe's magic.

“I'll tell you the truth about The Doctor's regeneration. He's always had an infinite number of regenerations because it wasn't like we were ever going to stop the show because he ran out! ‘Oh, I have to stop now. It's number 13.’ That was never going to happen. So it's always been a narrative contrivance. There are no contradictions,” he said.

So if you're worried about Doctor Who ending abruptly with the tragic death of the Doctor, it's not going to happen. Even the regeneration itself won't happen anytime soon, as Ncuti Gatwa, who is currently portraying the 15th iteration of the famous alien time traveler, has been cast as the Doctor for at least two seasons.

However, this note from one of the show's famous masterminds offers a new look at the regeneration process and how the show will be able to tinker with it however it wants without fear of losing it completely.

If you are interested in checking out the 14th season of the iconic sci-fi series, be sure to tune in to Disney Plus every Saturday to never miss another episode.

Source: Cinemablend