Doctor Strange 3 Rumor Confirms What We All Knew (And Feared) All Along

Doctor Strange 3 Rumor Confirms What We All Knew (And Feared) All Along
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The future films may show Doctor Strange taking the other side.


  • The MCU ’s Doctor Strange ’s third movie is apparently in the works with some potentially sinister plot details.
  • The MCU’s insider Alex Perez says the creators can give the character a somewhat gloomy future — like making him fight with his moralities or rather shifting to the dark side.
  • To this day nothing has been confirmed concerning Doctor Strange 3’s plot, thus fans can still hope for better events happening to the beloved character.

The MCU is apparently planning big for Doctor Strange’s story — and it may be not what most of the fans wanted to see. As one the closest to Marvel Studios insiders Alex Perez claims, the upcoming movies with Benedict Cumberbatch in the leading role can show the character having his own moral fights or even letting it all go by just turning to the dark side.

According to The Cosmic Circus’s reporter, the MCU is now focused on expanding Doctor Strange’s universe and making it the primary storyline in the next projects.

Disappointing for many, but here there may be a depressing context that’ll come on the stage — the creators want Stephen Strange to “struggle with the moralities of what he believes is right and wrong”.

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A small hint at this has already appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where Strange becomes a witness of his good intentions causing more harm than actual good.

Another possible plot twist for Cumberbatch’s character’s future is even more sinister — the original Doctor Strange may join his multiverse’s doubles and thus become an antagonist.

As Perez explains, the creators can possibly lead the character to the awareness that his actions are bringing not good, but rather evil repercussions to the world which will make him give it all up leaving his duties for someone who can handle it better.

So far Marvel Studios doesn’t seem to have good news for Doctor Strange’s fans, but no plot details have been confirmed yet, thus everything still can change — at least the statement that Stephen Strange will become one of the most important characters in the MCU’s next films gives some hope.

Source: The Cosmic Circus