Did The Weeknd Act Before 'The Idol'?

Did The Weeknd Act Before 'The Idol'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Do we count his music videos?

Now that Canadian R&B artist Abel Tesfaye a.k.a. The Weeknd is set to make an entrance into the world of drama series with his upcoming HBO show 'The Idol ', it would seem that he's no longer just a singer but also an actor as well.

But what about his acting portfolio? In fact, his debut in 'The Idol', both as main lead and creator, will not technically be his first screen appearance. Aside from his music videos, which many fans already refer to as "cinema", he appeared on screens several times.

Tesfaye appeared in a couple of TV shows, among them 'American Dad' and 'Robot Chicken'. His cameos were mostly guest appearances and he did not really play anyone but himself, but he was also a co-writer on one episode of 'American Dad'.

He also had a cameo in a feature film 'Uncut Gems' directed by Josh and Benny Safdie. Besides, Tesfaye was part of several documentaries, including the concert film 'Taylor Swift: The 1989 World Tour Live', the film 'Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall', and the 2021 documentary 'The Show', which focused on his preparations for the Super Bowl LV halftime show.

Now, Abel makes his way to streaming services. Teaming up with the 'Euphoria ' creator Sam Levinson, Tesfaye is introducing 'The Idol' – a show that will tell the story of a modern-day cult leader who finds himself in a weird relationship with a rising pop star. Abel will portray the former, while the role of a pop star went to Lily-Rose Depp. The two will be joined by Troye Sivan, Jennie Kim from Blackpink, and Debby Ryan.

The release date remains to be announced, with the first trailer premiering during The Weeknd's Saturday concert.