Did James Gunn Just Confirmed The Thinker's DC Project?

Did James Gunn Just Confirmed The Thinker's DC Project?
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Peter Capaldi's antihero could be the main character in Gunn's next DCEU project, the director himself teased on Twitter.

2021 'Suicide Squad ' was a long-awaited hit for the Warner Bros. DCEU franchise, and Gunn's trademark sense of humor, frenetic writing style and great cast made the film an instant cult classic. Director quickly solidified his success with the HBO Max series 'Peacemaker ', centered on John Cena's madcap superhero. After Gunn finally left the MCU for DCEU, there are plenty of new TV and movie projects in development, and it looks like fans will finally get an idea of what one of them might be about.

The director recently posted a picture of The Thinker on his Twitter page, saying he was eager to share his plans for the DCEU with fans, which instantly led everyone to believe that Capaldi's character would be the main one in Gunn's new HBO series.

But, as many fans rightly point out, the original 'Suicide Squad' Thinker is dead, so Gunn opts to either make a prequel or find a way to explain Capaldi's villain returning to life.

"In the comics there’s an AI version of Thinker based on the thinking cap of the original. So maybe he’ll appear as a hologram AI version based on Capaldi," – /bradya01.

Others still can't get over The CW's take on The Thinker, hoping Gunn will finally do this iconic DC character justice.

"Hopefully it's more interesting than what The CW did with The Thinker. That specific season of The Flash was truly awful," – Richiieee.

Of course, nothing can be said for certain at this point, and for all we know, Gunn might have just teased fans with a big-brained scientist's picture without really planning to include him in any DC movies or series.