DCU's The Flash Breaks The Record, But Not The One To Be Proud Of

DCU's The Flash Breaks The Record, But Not The One To Be Proud Of
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Not the best note to start the promised reboot on.

James Gunn really got all DCEU fans excited last year when he took over the universe and made a lot of promising updates.

The Flash was supposed to be the grand entrance to a whole new chapter of superhero movies based on the DC Comic Universe.

The one that could finally give the Marvel Cinematic Universe some fair competition.

But all those promises started to fall apart with the first reviews of the movie. Walking out of the theaters, people could not hide their disappointment as The Flash failed to live up to any of their expectations.

From the troubled lead Ezra Miller, who seems to have a superpower to escape the consequences of any actions he takes, to the very questionable use of CGI, audiences did not expect the movie to be... this.

In fact, with each passing day, more and more fans are sharing their thoughts on social media, even going so far as to call for Grant Gustin to come back from his recent retirement from The Flash and take over.

Unfortunately for the studio, this huge disappointment is not only reflected in the box office numbers, but also in the scores and reviews the film is receiving.

As of now, The Flash is officially tied with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in terms of the grade it received from CinemaScore.

This makes it the worst-reviewed movie in the last 10 years of the DCU 's existence, which is not a great look for the reboot that audiences were so excited to see.

Of course, judging by the reviews, the movie was not half as bad as some viewers are trying to make it out to be, but it just goes to show how important it is to be closer to the audience when working with source material like this.

Since many comic book fans have been around for years, you can't ignore their opinions: if people want certain cameos, don't change them to someone else.

If people find some things about the current cast troubling, think about recasting.

There's no doubt that James Gunn is talented enough to fix all that, but the rocky start the DCU reboot has gotten off to could have been avoided altogether.

Source: CinemaScore