DC Boss Peter Safran Doesn't Care About Aquaman's Future That Much

DC Boss Peter Safran Doesn't Care About Aquaman's Future That Much
Image credit: Warner Bros.

There’s no need to worry, if James Gunn is to recast them all.


  • Aquaman is a DC superhero who rules the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.
  • His story was first adapted by the DCEU in 2018.
  • The trailer for Aquaman 2 was released in September and received controversial reviews.
  • While Jason Momoa seems to regret the possibility of not returning for the role, DC's Peter Safran isn't worried about the future of the franchise.

While the MCU has had quite a troubled year, with more releases being flops than not, the DC Cinematic Universe was getting a huge reboot by James Gunn. Once excited, fans are now a bit cautious about all the changes that are happening.

Some decisions were definitely met with more enthusiasm than others. For example, the casting of Henry Cavill as Superman caused a lot of backlash. But overall, people seem to be embracing the radical approach. Instead of trying to build on someone else's efforts, Gunn decided to take the initiative.

Too bad that the actors who previously held on to their characters, knowing that in a franchise format they could always come back as long as there was a demand, were left out in the cold. The latest to leave is Jason Momoa. The Aquaman, who isn't sure if he'll make a comeback to the role.

DC boss Peter Safran, however, remains resolutely positive.

Is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom The Last Movie?

The sequel, which premieres in theaters on December 22, may as well be the last Aquaman movie. There were too many difficulties that the production team had to face during its creation. Besides, the drop in quality was already evident in the trailer.

Earlier, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Momoa shared his genuine fear of not being able to return to the role and urged audiences to shower the film with love. Peter Safran, Co-CEO of DC Studios, has since commented on Momoa's presence in the DCEU in an interview with the Independent:

“When I think of Jason in this role, he is the definitive Aquaman. <...> What I hope is that people will really be here to support him on this journey. If it’s the end of the journey, fine. If it goes on, that’s also fine, but I think it has meant so much to him,” he said.

If you're not so indifferent to the fate that awaits Aquaman, make sure to check out the sequel and spread the word. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom premieres on December 22, so you can get your tickets now at your local theater.

Source: Entertainment Tonight, Independent