Daredevil's Love Life is More Eventful Than Yours

Daredevil's Love Life is More Eventful Than Yours
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If you though that Matt Murdock is done playing after She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, you are totally wrong. In Daredevil: Born Again, Murdock might find a totally new love interest since Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page seems to be out of the picture, and Tatiana Maslany 's Jennifer Walters has not yet been confirmed to appear in the upcoming show.

Murphy's Multiverse has suggested in a report that Daredevil's new love interest might be Kirsten McDuffie — the assistant district attorney who had a playful relationship with Matt in the comics.

If you ask fans... they're all in.

"Karen Page and Elektra are inferior Daredevil love interests. Kirsten McDuffie is the superior love interest and should be introduced in Born Again," Twitter user jdjenkinsbixby suggested.

McDuffie has been rumored to make an appearance in Born Again for quite some time now, but Marvel never officially confirmed it.

Having apparently moved on from Page, who was his love interest in the Netflix series, Matt Murdock has already hooked up with someone in the MCU. That someone is She-Hulk herself, Jennifer Walters, who seems to have taken a shine to Murdock from the moment he appeared in court as her rival. However, the two quickly found a common language – only to quickly move past the "friendly" stage and on to something else.

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In the final episode of She-Hulk, we even see Jen take Matt to dinner with her family, which is a pretty big step if you ask us. Considering that Matt might already be taken, it's clear that even if McDuffie appears in Born Again, she'll have some competition... unless Matt and Jen are already broken up by then.

Whoever ends up as Daredevil's love interest, we are in for some drama. When is this guy going to find time to save the world and defend people in court when he's always busy with his girls?