Crowley Had Far Less Screen Time In Supernatural Than You Thought

Crowley Had Far Less Screen Time In Supernatural Than You Thought
Image credit: Legion-Media

Supernatural was a very long show and, apart from Dean and Sam, it had many more amazing characters.

Usually, guest stars and other come-and-go characters received more praise from the fans than seems logical, and it's only true when you look at the appearance data for them.

Demon Crowley has definitely become more and more loved by the community the longer the story progressed, and fans can't possibly imagine the show without him.

Mark Sheppard did an amazing job at portraying him, and since the demon was constantly intervening in the Winchester brothers' lives either as a friend or as a foe, it's no wonder that he's perceived as an integral part of the show.

This is why you may be really surprised when you learn just how many episodes he really was a part of!

Supernatural has been running for 15 years. Over the course of this time, there were 15 seasons with 327 episodes released.

When you think of Crowley, you kind of expect him to have been present in at least half of them or more, don't you?

In reality, Crowley has appeared in only 67 episodes of Supernatural, which is only around 20% of the entirety of the show!

Considering that Crowley is the most frequently recurring villain in Supernatural and also the character with the fifth-most appearances, this doesn't feel right…

Even though he's also only been present for eight seasons, first appearing in the fifth season and then sacrificing himself to finish off Lucifer in season 12 grand finale.

Apart from how great he was as a character and what a fantastic job Sheppard did, this also shows just how memorable characters can be.

After all, Crowley's been around for half of the show season-wise and 20% of it episode-wise, and he still managed to remain one of the most praised and beloved characters for the fans.