Constantine Sequel is Hopeless Even With R Rating, Fans Say

Constantine Sequel is Hopeless Even With R Rating, Fans Say
Image credit: Legion-Media

As much as people love Keanu Reeves, they are simply not hyped - even by the R rating.

The upcoming sequel for Keanu Reeves- led Constantine is going to receive an R rating if director Frank Lawrence has it his way, according to The Wrap.

The director wants to slide more violence and scary stuff into the sequel, mainly because he never got the chance to do it with the first movie.

"One of the biggest things for me about the first one was we followed, per Warner Bros., the rules to make a PG-13 movie in terms of violence, blood, language, sexuality. But the ratings board gave us a hard R based on their the gray zone of intensity. And my big, big regret was that we have an R-rated movie that's really a PG-13 movie," Lawrence told the outlet.

However, it looks like his goals are not impressive enough to lure fans into liking the upcoming sequel. People do not seem to be overly welcoming of the sequel at all, no matter its rating.

When it comes to John Constantine, fans would rather have Matt Ryan back in the role than experience flashbacks into 2005 with an older exorcist portrayed by Keanu Reeves once again.

"How come it's okay for people to criticise stupid things in most comic book movies, but nobody is allowed to point out that John is blonde, British, and bisexual? Or that Chas isn't a 17 year old boy?" Twitter user dametokillfor ripped into the cinematic version of Constantine.

Many fans would simply be happier to see Ryan return to the role of Constantine, as the fandom almost unilaterally agrees that he is a better, more comic-accurate John.

Don't get them wrong: it's not the NBC show they love, it's the actor. The series, which aired in 2014 and swiftly ended in 2015, was also a PG-13 thing, with fans at the time fuming that Ryan's Constantine wasn't even allowed to smoke. However, while Reeves' Exorcist may be allowed to do that and more, fans seem to be highly sceptical about the upcoming sequel.

No release date has been announced for Constantine 2, and it is unclear when filming will begin. Casting details are also being kept under wraps, with Keanu's return being the only thing we know for sure at the moment.