Classics’ List From a Legend: 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Favorite Movies 

Classics’ List From a Legend: 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Favorite Movies 
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In case you ever wondered what the most prominent actor of our time watches in his free time.

An entire generation of cinema lovers can say they grew up watching Leonardo DiCaprio in movies. But the actor himself seems to have grown up watching the classics.

The list of his favorite films includes everything that has defined the history of Hollywood cinema in the 20th century.

1. Lawrence of Arabia

David Lean's epic about the British diplomat and archaeologist Thomas Edward Lawrence, who served in the Middle East during World War I and took part in the Arab uprising against the Ottoman Empire.

Its scope is still astonishing today: a four-hour running time, 14 months of filming, panoramic scenes in the hot desert, seven Oscars, including the one for Best Picture.

2. Manhattan

Leonardo DiCaprio loves New York and spends most of his free time there when he is not filming. So it comes as no surprise that Woody Allen 's Manhattan is on his list of favorite movies.

It's a movie about a guy who can't decide what he likes. A character in this movie is the city itself, with its bright lights, monumental skyscrapers, and busy streets.

3. Taxi Driver

Of all the movies by Martin Scorsese, DiCaprio singles out Taxi Driver – the director's most famous and perhaps best work. The movie about a Vietnam veteran who suffers from insomnia, gets a job as a night cab driver and starts driving around New York first got to Leo's heart when he was 15 years old.

According to DiCaprio, Taxi Driver is the greatest independent film ever made.

4. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Kubrick proved that one can bring up global issues and questions of life, death, God and love in a movie about space. The film about humanity's encounters with mysterious black monoliths that influence the course of evolution has become the most prominent work in science fiction cinema.

DiCaprio has repeatedly spoken about his love for A Space Odyssey in interviews. At the same time, there is still not a single movie about space in Leo's own filmography. His only experience in the science fiction genre remains Christopher Nolan 's Inception.

5. When Harry Met Sally

Over the course of 12 years, Harry and Sally meet, share their secrets, argue about the possibility of friendship between a man and a woman, and, near the end, realize that they have loved each other for a long time.

DiCaprio often recalls this movie. He went to see it on his first date with his girlfriend from high school. And then, he once compared his relationship with his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet to the perfect couple from the movie.