Cillian Murphy x Far Cry 7 Rumor: Why It's Fake & What Really Happened

Cillian Murphy x Far Cry 7 Rumor: Why It's Fake & What Really Happened
Image credit: Legion-media, Ubisoft Toronto

You’ve probably seen a bunch of “Cillian Murphy to play the main villain in Far Cry 7” stuff online. Sorry to break the news, but it was fake — here’s how it all went down.


  • On April 20, streamer j0nathan posted a four-image charade on his X (formerly Twitter) account.
  • Some media misinterpreted it and took to writing about Cillian Murphy ’s “upcoming role” in Far Cry 7.
  • The frustrated streamer addressed the rumors and explained he’d never meant anything like that.

Far Cry is a popular video game series that, like more and more these days, sometimes opts for inviting real actors to play its characters. After Cyberpunk 2077 proved the concept with Keanu Reeves and Idris Elba once again, no one was surprised at the recent rumor that Cillian Murphy would portray the main villain in Far Cry 7, and this “news” flooded the Internet like there was no tomorrow.

Where did this “leak” come from and how was it debunked?

Far Cry 7 x Cillian Murphy: Rumor Origin

On April 20, famous French-speaking YouTuber and streamer j0nathan posted a peculiar sharade on his X (formerly Twitter) account. The post contained four images — Cillian Murphy, a bomb with a 72-hour timer, a giant crab, and number 7 with a tropical backdrop — and was titled, “If nothing changes between now and then.”

This post started a massive wave of speculations — or, rather, just one speculation. Someone interpreted j0nathan’s charade as “Cillian Murphy will play the main villain in Far Cry 7, announcement to be made in 72 hours, giant crabs are awesome” or something along those lines, and all hell broke loose on the Internet with every other media writing about this “leak.”

Cillian Murphy in Far Cry 7: Sorry, but No

Unfortunately for all the true Cillian Murphy and Far Cry connoisseurs, this rumor is completely false. The streamer himself addressed the way the media interpreted his charade and explained that he “never said Cillian Murphy was going to be in the game & the image meant something else.” Later, he posted an update on the “leak.”

“I’m fuming because of how the media have been remixing [my] tweet since yesterday. I posted 4 images, without giving any details, and they’re doing articles like, ‘j0nathan announced that Cillian Murphy will play the Big Bad in Far Cry 7.’ If I wanted to say that, I would have just written it, you bunch of clowns,” the streamer wrote on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

As excited as we would have been to have Murphy star in the upcoming game, especially as a villain, it’s not happening. And let’s be honest, the giant crab never really fit into this “leak’s” narrative too well, did it?

Source: j0nathan via X (formerly Twitter)