Chris Hemsworth Already Hinted at Taika Waititi’s Thor 5 Replacement

Chris Hemsworth Already Hinted at Taika Waititi’s Thor 5 Replacement
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The actor has spoken very fondly about the creator of the Mad Max franchise, mentioning that he is exactly the person he wanted to work with.


  • Though Thor 5 hasn't been officially announced, the post-credits scene from the fourth film clearly hinted that it will happen
  • But with Taika Waititi taking a break from the MCU, the filmmaker has stated that he will not be involved in the next Thor movie
  • Not long ago, however, Chris Hemsworth sang the praises of another filmmaker who might be the perfect man for the job

When Taika Waititi delivered a stellar Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 after the first two fairly mediocre (at best) solo films about the titular MCU character, he was hailed as the savior of Thor, and fans couldn't wait to see what else the filmmaker had in store for them.

Unfortunately, his success was short-lived, as after the very next movie about the Norse god, Thor: Love and Thunder, fans turned on the director they once hailed, and for good reason.

It became clear that Waititi's tendency to inject humor into his films should sometimes be kept in check, as the latest Thor movie relied too much on comedy to the point of detracting from the other aspects of the story.

The backlash was considerable, and even the film's star, Chris Hemsworth, who portrayed the titular character, admitted that they got a bit carried away with adding too many jokes.

Taika Waititi Will Not Be Involved In Any Way With Thor 5

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Since then, fans have been saying that perhaps Waititi should step away from directing Thor movies, as another filmmaker might be better suited for the job.

Eventually, their wish was granted, as Waititi recently revealed in an interview with Business Insider that he is taking a break from the MCU, and while he himself isn't sure if Thor 5 is currently in development, he definitely won't be involved in its production.

This turn of events left fans wondering who might take the director's chair for the fifth Thor movie, because although it hasn't been confirmed yet, we all know that it's most likely going to happen, as evidenced by a post-credits scene from the fourth film.

However, there is already a perfect candidate for the vacant spot that has been approved by Chris Hemsworth himself.

Can Mad Max Director Spearhead Thor 5?

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor mentioned that he has become more selective about the projects he takes part in and the people he works with, because "if something is going to pull [him] away from [his] family and kids, it has got to be a positive, constructive, collaborative experience".

But it seems that's exactly what he got while working with George Miller on Furiosa, an upcoming prequel to 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road, as Hemsworth mentioned that he was precisely the "collaborative and interesting" person he wanted to spend working hours with.

Best known as the creator and director of all the entries in the Mad Max franchise, George Miller's talents aren't limited to the post-apocalypse, as he has directed a number of other very different films, such as 2006's animated musical comedy Happy Feet and, most recently, the 2022 fantasy romantic drama Three Thousand Years of Longing.

With all that in mind, his unique creative vision may be just what Thor needs, as the filmmaker has proven himself capable of balancing breathtaking action with drama and a bit of comedy, in stark contrast to Thor 4, which leaned heavily on flat jokes.

Of course, no official statements have been made yet, but perhaps after Furiosa is released on May 24, 2024, Miller will be available to direct the fifth Thor movie (if it is in development at all).

Do you think George Miller would be perfect to direct Thor 5?

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