Chris Evans Wishes You Watched These Movies Instead of His MCU Flicks

Chris Evans Wishes You Watched These Movies Instead of His MCU Flicks
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Yes, he does in fact have a diverse filmography.


  • Although Chris Evans gained popularity thanks to Fantastic Four and Captain America, the actor is upset that viewers only watch his superhero movies.
  • In the 2011 interview, the actor admitted that he enjoyed filming Puncture more than Captain America, and audiences should see it, just like Sunshine.

When Marvel Studios was looking for an actor to play Steve Rogers more than a decade ago, Chris Evans was one of the most unknown names among the candidates. John Krasinski, Garrett Hedlund, Mike Vogel, and Chace Crawford all tried out for the role of the vibranium-shielded captain. Evans' candidacy seemed unrealistic. However, it was Chris who was cast in the role of Captain America.

Now, like many actors from successful and popular franchises, Chris Evans is stuck in the image of the biggest role in his life — even after parting ways with Marvel, he usually plays good guys who just got out of the gym.

Thanks to the success of Captain America, many viewers have forgotten that before The Avengers, Evans played the superhero Johnny Storm in 2005's Fantastic Four.

Chris Evans Wants You To Watch His Non-Superhero Movies

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Over the years, the movie has earned the title of one of the worst superhero projects ever made, and a 2011 interview with Chris Evans clearly shows his bitterness that audiences know him for his superhero roles rather than his better films:

“All my good movies, nobody sees. Everybody goes and sees Fantastic Four, but nobody sees Sunshine.”

Although Captain America and The Avengers have literally become the opposite of failure, the actor himself admits that those big-budget, tough-guy-in-tight-suits movies are just a stepping stone to the roles he's really passionate about.

A Movie Chris Evans Wants You to Watch – No.1

In the interview, Chris Evans focuses on the 2007 movie Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle. Evans' looks probably provoked directors to give him only heroic roles. So Danny Boyle couldn't resist giving Evans the part of another brave captain (albeit four years before The First Avenger).

Of course, his Mayce is overshadowed by Cillian Murphy, who conveys endless Irish sadness with his blue, bottomless eyes, but at the right moment does not go crazy like the others.

A Movie Chris Evans Wants You to Watch – No.2

The second movie that Evans would like you to pay attention to is Puncture. In this drama, Evans played his first biographical role – he portrayed attorney Mike Weiss. He authored a lawsuit against syringe manufacturers who refused to introduce a safer version of the syringe to protect nurses from accidental injections on the job.

Puncture received mixed reviews, but gave Chris the opportunity to play a psychologically complex role, portraying a passionate lawyer struggling not only with the business system, but also with a strong personal addiction.

Moreover, the actor honestly admitted that he enjoyed acting in Puncture more than in Captain America. So do Chris Evans a favor and check out his good movies.

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