Chicago Fire’s New Rival for 51 Is a Famous Artist IRL

Chicago Fire’s New Rival for 51 Is a Famous Artist IRL
Image credit: NBC

Believe it or not, someone new will be “out to get 51” this Wednesday.


  • Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 12 will star New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre in a one-off cameo.
  • McIntyre will play Lorenzo, a firefighter from 51’s rivaling firehouse who’ll challenge Tony and Capp to breaking a world record.
  • Lorenzo won’t be the only rival in play this Wednesday as Severide and Kidd will have a conflict with the new Paramedic Chief, too.

Chicago Fire sure loves its recurring storylines — to the point where they become repetitive storylines, instead. Season 12 saw the classic “someone’s out to get 51” plot recycled for the fourth time with the introduction of the new Paramedic Chief which pissed off many fans… But Season 12 is not yet done with inventing new rivals for Firehouse 51, it seems: this Wednesday, another one shall arrive.

Famous Artist Joins Chicago Fire

New Kids on the Block used to be one of the most popular American boy bands and it’s still going strong today. But the confines of the music industry proved to be too restricting for the artists’ liking, and one of the band members decided to join Chicago Fire for a quick and energetic one-episode cameo in the next episode.

The band’s Joey McIntyre recently shared an update on his collaboration with Chicago Fire.

“Surprise! Had a blast repping a rival firehouse with these good people on One Chicago fans: tune in to see me in the role of Lorenzo on Chicago Fire this Wednesday,” the artist wrote on his Instagram.

The episode starring McIntyre will premiere tomorrow, and the musician’s role follows the good old pattern.

McIntyre to Play Another Rival for 51

Remember how we talked about the obnoxious recycling of the “51 and its rivals” storyline by Chicago Fire? Joey McIntyre’s one-episode cameo adds another one of these to the mix — kind of. Thankfully, he won’t be playing a vile CDCP boss or anything like that, and the upcoming tension is more of a fun variety.

In tomorrow’s episode, Joey McIntyre will portray Lorenzo — a firefighter from a rival firehouse who’ll enter a somewhat friendly competition with Tony and Capp as both his and their crews will try and break the “fastest rescue squad pull” world record.

Sounds like some reasonably innocent fun, but if you thought that you won’t see the notorious “out to get 51” storyline come into play tomorrow, you’re gravely mistaken.

The fact that McIntyre’s Lorenzo won’t be the bad-bad rival doesn’t mean Chicago Fire will forget about its favorite type of drama. According to Season 12 Episode 12’s official premise, “Severide and Violet will risk clashing with Paramedic Chief Robinson after Lennox makes a dangerous decision on a call” — so there’s that.