Chicago Fire Finally Patches Holes in Cast, and Fans Couldn’t Be Happier

Chicago Fire Finally Patches Holes in Cast, and Fans Couldn’t Be Happier
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Here’s for more updates soon!

As unfortunate as it is, when the show lasts as long as Chicago Fire had, it’s only expected for the cast members to leave and explore new opportunities.

Although the viewers may not want to wave goodbye to their favorite characters, there is always a chance the new one who step to fill their shoes inl, will have enough charm to get just as many fans.

What is obvious now is that for its 13th season Chicago Fire will have to patch the holes that all the last season’s departures left last season. And, fans are happy to recognize, they’re keeping all the right people to fit the team.

Will Lyla Novak Be Back to Chicago Fire Season 13?

Jocelyn Hudon, who joined the cast of the show in season 12 as the new paramedic at Firehouse 51, Lyla Novak, will return for the next season. What's even better is that the actress has been promoted to series regular, which means that Novak is here to stay and we'll get to know more about her.

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From what the fans have already seen of the new addition to the team, Novak struggles with commitment. She started out as a freelancer, not really interested in joining the team full time. However, after forming a bond with Violet, she eventually agreed to try out what a full-time job could offer in terms of stability.

For the little time that viewers have been able to spend with Lyla, they are already enamored with her. Not only does the character fit perfectly into the dynamic of Firehouse 51, but many fans see a strong resemblance to another favorite character, Leslie Shay, who was portrayed by Lauren German and was unexpectedly killed off in season 3.

While some viewers are already celebrating the addition to the team and expecting the blossoming romance between Violet and Lyla to begin next season, others are hoping for even more promotion announcements. For example, Jake Lockett, who portrays Sam Carver, deserves to have his place as a series regular as it looks like Carver is here to stay.

Either way, this won't be the end of Chicago Fire casting updates. As the team now needs to fill the spot of Blake Gallo, who left at the beginning of season 12, and we still don't know who will take Boden's place and how that will affect the team dynamic, fans are expecting more casting updates.

If you are interested in all the latest Chicago Fire season 13 updates, be sure to keep an eye out to not miss a thing!

Source: Deadline