Chicago Fire Fans, Rest Assured: Gallo Will Not Die In S12

Chicago Fire Fans, Rest Assured: Gallo Will Not Die In S12
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But we’ll still have to say goodbye to Alberto Rosende.


  • Chicago Fire is an NBC procedural that, along with Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., is part of the One Chicago universe.
  • Entering its 12th season, the show will face many cast changes, including the departures of Kara Killmer and Alberto Rosende.
  • However, the show's executive producer Andrea Newman assures fans that Rosende's Blake Gallo will not be killed off.

There is nothing more devastating than the unexpected, hasty departure of a fan-favorite character. While Chicago Fire fans have been on a long journey with Alberto Rosende's Blake Gallo, they would not mind if the adventure continued. Saying goodbye to not one, but two beloved characters in one season will be a challenge.

Although the reasons for Rosende's departure from an NBC project are not specified, the decision clearly required a quick resolution. As a result, Gallo will leave the One Chicago universe no later than the first episode of the show's season.

This haste was one of the reasons for viewers to believe that something bad was going to happen to Blake Gallo, with many worrying that death was in the cards. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Blake Gallo in Chicago Fire Season 12

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The show's executive producer, who also serves as the season's sole showrunner, Andrea Newman, shed some light on the circumstances surrounding Alberto Rosende's departure in an interview with Variety.

It turns out that the writers took their time to think about the exit and executed it with the care that any fan-favorite character deserves:

“He had such a strong season and as a character, has evolved so much. We definitely lean into that and Gallo has very specific reasons for leaving when he does. It’ll affect everybody and from a writing standpoint, it’s sad not to have Gallo to write for, but like I said, it felt natural in some strange way. He will be very missed by all,” she said.

Though it won't mend the broken hearts of all the fans, going out on a high sounds better than falling victim to that scary fire, so hopefully Gallo leaving on his own terms will have some therapeutic effect on the viewers.

Considering the happy circumstances surrounding the departure of Kara Killmer's Sylvie Brett, he better be just as happy.

Speaking of Brett, Chicago Fire fans should be happy to hear that the character will be sticking around for more than just one premiere episode.

Although season 12 will be her last, there will be some time to tie up loose ends and say goodbye. After all, Sylvie has a lot of business to take care of before she rides off into the sunset with Matt Casey.

To see where the story takes your favorite Chicago Fire, tune in to the season 12 premiere on Wednesday, January 17th on NBC.

Source: Variety