Casting Done Wrong: 14 Actors Who Made Us Cringe in Their Roles

Casting Done Wrong: 14 Actors Who Made Us Cringe in Their Roles
Image credit: Legion-Media

A good job by the casting director can make or break a movie.

Choosing the right actor for a role is no easy task, and many promising Hollywood films have been ruined by terrible performances by actors who were never right for the part in the first place.

Here are 14 of the most infamous examples of great actors who made us cringe in their roles.

Of course, these rankings are far from absolute. Even though the general consensus proves that the aforementioned stars bombed with their performances, some of them still have dedicated defenders or even fans.

Take Jared Leto, for example. While the majority of DC fans hated his portrayal of the Joker at the time, people are still talking about his deranged performance as Batman 's arch-villain years later. Fans are creating fan art focusing on Leto's pale-skinned madman and wishing they could see the Joker again, proving that even the most cringe-worthy performances can find an audience in the long run.

And Seth Rogen 's portrayal of Steve Wozniak in "Steve Jobs" may be one of the most confusing performances in recent Hollywood history, because while fans hated the comedian for flatly playing such a complex character, the real-life Wozniak actually praised Rogen's acting skills. Weird, right?