Bridgerton’s Most Devastating Breakup Has Both Parties to Blame

Bridgerton’s Most Devastating Breakup Has Both Parties to Blame
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Hopefully, they’ll find their way back to each other.

Although we all know and love Bridgerton as a show about romance, there are many other themes that it covers. Bridgerton explores love in all its forms, showing the love between siblings, mothers, and their children, and of course, the love that closest friends share no matter the circumstances.

While Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington's friendship has clearly proven to be much more than that, there is another Bridgerton with whom Penelope has yet to make amends. Eloise, Penelope's former best friend, is still reluctant to forgive her for Lady Whistledown's misdeeds. But is Penelope really the only one to blame?

Eloise and Penelope in Bridgerton Season 3

It is important to remember that both characters in the show are very young and are only now exploring the world, which includes facing the consequences of their own actions. This is exactly why you cannot simply villainize one side and blindly support the other. In order for their friendship to be restored, both Eloise and Pen have to admit their mistakes.

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It was pretty obvious in the season two finale, when the big fight between them happened, that Eloise hadn't been paying enough attention to what Penelope was saying over the years they'd been friends. She also wasn't observant enough to see Penelope's years-long crush on Colin.

Pen's mistakes are arguably more severe from a social point of view, as she destroyed Eloise's reputation for fear of being punished by the Queen. But that's not the only secret she's kept. Without feeling the need to actually share anything, she felt alone in the world, where she actually had support in the face of her best friend.

“People need to speak to be heard. <...> Eloise definitely has flaws, but this isn’t a friendship that is unsalvageable because one person is just awful to the other. They both contributed to an unhealthy dynamic of Eloise blabbing about everything in her life and Penelope never speaking about hers,” Redditor MidgetDevil said.

Both Eloise and Penelope have had their differences, and both need to put them aside and have a productive conversation about what happened. However, Bridgerton wouldn't be as loved if it weren't for the drama, so viewers are in for a wild ride as the upcoming episodes may finally reveal Whistledown to the ton.

If you can't wait for the moment of revelation, be sure to tune in to Netflix on June 13 to be the first to see Bridgerton season 3 part 2.