Bridgerton’s Most Controversial Pairing Is Just One Huge Ick

Bridgerton’s Most Controversial Pairing Is Just One Huge Ick
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Sometimes it’s better to stick to the canon.


  • Bridgerton is a romantic period drama television series based on the series of novels of the same name by Julia Quinn.
  • Although the show largely follows the main plot of the books, a new romantic interest was introduced in series 2.
  • The pairing of Theo and Eloise was met with mixed reactions from fans who felt that the two weren't romantically compatible.

Any change in the adaptation of a popular story has the potential to cause a major backlash. Whether it is cutting a scene or two to fit the screen time, or adding something to better explain the motives behind some of the characters' actions and decisions, viewers are sensitive to anything that changes the narrative.

Adding an entire character to a show that already has a very large cast is in itself a questionable choice, as that character will inevitably take focus away from the main characters.Adding such a character as a romantic interest for someone with a popular future storyline puts the writers at risk of the wrath of the fandom.

Despite this, the Bridgedrton creative team decided to take a risk and throw Theo into season 2 in order to play around with Eloise. Unfortunately, the fans did not take it well.

Who Will Eloise Bridgerton End Up With

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If you haven't read any of the Bridgerton novels and don't want to see any spoilers, look away now. In the fifth book of the series, To Sir Phillip, With Love, Eloise finds love with a completely unexpected character, Sir Philip Crane. The same one who saved poor Marina Thompson in the first series.

While fans of these characters were expecting season two to set up the characters for their eventual letter exchange, the show actually decided to introduce another character to break it up. Theo Sharpe, a young printer's assistant and campaigner for women's equality, quickly charmed Eloise with his wit.

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The romance was short-lived, although the two shared enough interests to keep them talking for years. Thanks to Lady Whistledown, Eloise's radical political views have become public knowledge, and her visits to Theo's print shop have become unsafe. But that's not what bothered the audience the most.

In their last scene together, they almost share a kiss. However, worried about his safety and the consequences of their romance if people found out, Eloise steps away. This doesn't go down well with Theo. Clearly hurt, he accuses Eloise of being inconsiderate and wishes her luck in returning to her privileged life.

The power imbalance and complete misunderstanding of each other's circumstances is what makes the couple so icky. Eloise has been inconsiderate about her status before, which is why Theo forced her to leave the shop earlier. But now that she has accepted responsibility, he is furious with her for not sharing his feelings.

Sir Philip Crane or not, the relationship could never exist without one of the parties feeling guilty. So many fans are hoping that this unhappy love story will not be dragged out for another season. Tune in to Bridgerton season 3 on Netflix on 16 May to see if Theloise will get a second chance.