Boyd Holbrook Almost Turned Down Justified: City Primeval Role

Boyd Holbrook Almost Turned Down Justified: City Primeval Role
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Can you imagine we could have had a totally different Clement Mansell?

OG Justified fans love Walton Goggins' Boyd Crowder too much to give up the title of their favorite villain to Boyd Holbrook 's Clement Mansell, but still, the latter means a lot for Raylan Givens' story.

But it turns out that Holbrook had second thoughts about joining City Primeval at first!

Initially, City Primeval was supposed to be directed by Quentin Tarantino, who bowed out of the project because of his wife's pregnancy. However, it was not Tarantino's departure that had Holbrook doubting if she should join the project.

In fact, the actor was concerned that the show would make fun of his southern roots, as he comes from a county in southeastern Kentucky

"I was really timid to watch it because I am from Harlan County, a county over. So I was always like, “Man, it’s kind of making fun of us hillbillies.” I thought the show wouldn’t hit the tone right, but it’s great," Holbrook explained to Interview Magazine.

It turns out that Holbrook's fears were in vain: according to him, Justified is "f**ked up but funny." The actor fell in love with the show's writing and characters, and his Clement Mansell turned out to be just what City Primeval needed.

City Primeval aired its eighth and final episode of the first season on August 29, wrapping up a tumultuous chapter of what appears to already mulling a sequel. The season did end on a huge cliffhanger, and we won't be too surprised if it gets renewed for a second season soon.

However, there has been no official statement from FX on that just yet.

Source: Interview Magazine