Bo Burnham's 'Inside' Outtakes Drive Internet Even Crazier Than OG Special Did

Bo Burnham's 'Inside' Outtakes Drive Internet Even Crazier Than OG Special Did
Image credit: YouTube

Bo Burnham has been silent for several years before assembling all our pandemic suffering into his Netflix special titled 'Inside'. A year after, he's back with more.

'Inside' by Bo Burnham, a comedy music special, premiered on Netflix on May 30, 2021, quickly becoming an anthem for pretty much every person who discovered themselves trapped inside their houses during the lockdown. A wild mixture of irony, melancholy and anxiety appeared to really resonate with thousands of Internet users across the world.

Well, a year later, Burnham decided to check up on all of us in his own unique way: by dropping an hour of additional content from 'Inside' that didn't make it into the special on YouTube.

And it seems that people are liking some of it even more than the original special – or at least wonder why on Earth Bo decided to cut the songs away.

When you listen to Bo Burnham songs, you just have to be mentally prepared for tearing up to a song about a chicken crossing a road. That's the rules.

Did you immediately fall in love with the 'Bezos' bop when you watched TikToks for hours a year ago? How about a 'Joe Biden' banger?

Many fans are already checking up their Spotify in order to see whether Bo dropped the unreleased songs for people to stream (not yet, unfortunately).

Bo Burnham began his YouTube career in 2006, mixing music and stand-up comedy in his own quirky and relatable way. 'Inside' is not his first attempt in making viral hits: before the Netflix special premiered, you might have known and loved Burnham for songs like 'Sad', and 'From God's Perspective'. In 2021, Burnham conquered the online community with 'Welcome to the Internet' – the song that might as well be the world web's anthem.