Blame Sean Murray’s Dressing Choice on NCIS For His Long-Term Injury

Blame Sean Murray’s Dressing Choice on NCIS For His Long-Term Injury
Image credit: CBS

Going stylish doesn’t always come along with safety.

Throughout its run of more than twenty years, CBS’ long-standing police procedural giant NCIS has repeatedly proved that there was nothing of calm office atmosphere in there, and its Special Agents had to be physically prepared for whatever could come in their way during numerous missions they’ve been carrying out.

The show has never in fact been about physical comfort or some stylish choices, yet one of NCIS’ leading actors once had some kind of James Bond-ish moment, and it actually didn’t end well.

NCIS’ brand new installment in the form of a podcast titled Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch hosted by the show’s actors Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo has recently got Sean Murray as its guest star.

Timothy McGee’s actor stopped by his former co-stars’ podcast and made fans have their fingers crossed for Murray’s appearance in NCIS’ upcoming spinoff NCIS: Tony & Ziva, where Weatherly and de Pablo will be starring soon.

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Talking about the original show’s most memorable moments, Murray recalled hurting his right thumb while shooting a scene in a car wash for the second season’s episode titled Bikini Wax. According to the actor, the injury was caused by his wardrobe malfunction as he was supposed to be wearing dress shoes instead of a more common option which is sneakers.

Murray explained that “I remember taking a sharp right... My dress shoes come out right from under me 'cause I'm sprinting. I come down on my right hand” and revealed that his hurt thumb still has “very limited mobility”, though it’s not that much of a problem since “it's a good thing I'm a lefty”.

The reason why the actor had to wear dress shoes remains a big mystery, especially since the viewers didn’t have a real need to see his feet or what he was wearing whatsoever.

Still, things could’ve turned out to be much worse than that, plus Timothy McGee got another memorable epic scene that now will surely become somewhat bittersweet for most of the show’s fans.

Source: Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch