Black Mirror Already Did Everything The Idol Was Supposed To Do (Minus The Porn)

Black Mirror Already Did Everything The Idol Was Supposed To Do (Minus The Porn)
Image credit: Legion-Media/Netflix

Do you really need a whole show to see the story that was already perfectly told?

The Idol has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet even before it premiered.

After Rolling Stone published a scandalous article exposing all the allegations made by the cast and crew against the show's director Sam Levinson and co-creator Abel Tesfaye, better known to the audience as The Weeknd.

Although the article suggested some horrible things, including extremely uncomfortable sex scenes and both men silencing the women in the production of the show, some of the cast members, like star Lily Rose Depp, were quick to defend Levinson and speak out about how safe they felt during the filming.

Great casting choices, The Weekend's own connections in the pop music industry, the premiere of the first two episodes at Cannes, and HBO's over-the-top promotion of the series did the trick: The Idol is still being watched and talked about.

Whether it's hate watching or genuine interest in the show, it doesn't matter, as long as it's trending.

Those who don't support The Idol, however, have found and proposed a perfect alternative to the show that also garnered a lot of hate when it came out, but for a very different reason.

In 2019, Netflix 's hit Black Mirror premiered an episode called Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too, starring Miley Cyrus as pop star Ashley O.

The episode focused on Ashley's life and showed exactly the struggle of a young female artist who is controlled by her fame.

The storyline was also compared to Britney Spears' conservatorship and the Free Britney movement that was happening at the time.

Though heavily criticized for both the controversial character of Miley Cyrus herself and the unconvincing ending, the episode manages to fit into the conversation about the dangers of the pop music industry without glamorizing nudity, drugs, and abuse, as The Idol seems to do episode after episode.

If you haven't caught up and made up your mind about The Idol yet, tune in to HBO on Sundays to make sure you don't miss another episode.

Source: Rolling Stone