Big A24 Hit of This Year Finally Got Digital Release (It’s Not Civil War)

Big A24 Hit of This Year Finally Got Digital Release (It’s Not Civil War)
Image credit: A24

A very relatable horror drama will make more viewers see the TV glow this week.

Nearly six weeks after its initial theatrical release, Jane Schoenbrun’s highly anticipated coming-of-age horror movie I Saw the TV Glow has finally arrived on streaming.

Produced by Emma Stone and her production company Fruit Tree, the movie was quick to blow everyone away with visually stunning teasers and trailers even before it eventually hit the cinemas back in May. Now some viewers who never got to watch it in theaters will have a chance to check it out and see whether all that buzz was worth the shot.

What Is I Saw the TV Glow About?

Starring Justice Smith and Brigette Lundy-Paine, I Saw the TV Glow revolves around a situation that many modern shows’ fans can relate to. The movie’s storyline follows two teenagers, Owen and Maddy, who get closer thanks to a shared hobby of only watching their forever-favorite show of all time, The Pink Opaque.

Struggling with a myriad of problems in real life, Owen finally finds an outlet for his feelings during the time he dedicates to the show, but everything gets dark again when The Pink Opaque is suddenly canceled after five seasons.

Outraged and disheartened by the news, Owen and Maddy unconsciously embark on an adventure between the fictional and the reality, making it hard for themselves to define what belongs to real life and what doesn’t.

Having spent several weeks in the cinemas, I Saw the TV Glow didn’t make it to a box office hit status, grossing only $4 million, though surely got some rave reactions from moviegoers and critics as well. The film currently holds impressive scores of 84% and 71% from professionals and the audience, with many praising director Jane Schoenbrun’s work and proclaiming them a rising talent.

Where to Stream I Saw the TV Glow?

I Saw the TV Glow is now available for renting or purchasing on Fandango at Home, with prices reaching $19.99 and $24.99 respectively.