‘Best New Sci-Fi Show’ Made by Brad Pitt Finally Returns with Season 2 & Kills It Once More

‘Best New Sci-Fi Show’ Made by Brad Pitt Finally Returns with Season 2 & Kills It Once More
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Get ready for another round of mystery-hunting in the Wyoming wilderness.

If you’re just as Yellowstone- pilled as we are, it might seem like the genres of Western and neo-Western borderline don’t exist beyond Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner ’s projects. Fortunately, that’s not true — and this sensational TV show directed by Brian Watkins and produced by none other than Brad Pitt proves it.

Better yet, it finally released its second season just now!

Outer Range Returns with a Bang

Brought to us by Charles Murray instead of Brian Watkins this time, Outer Range Season 2 finally hit the screens on May 16 to continue its convoluted but ultimately intriguing story. In the first day, it has already managed to surpass the success of Season 1, raking up 83 and 100% Critic and Audience Scores on Rotten tomatoes against the debut series’ 79 and 60% scores, respectively.

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On IMDb, Outer Range boasts a solid 7.1/10 score for both seasons, but on both platforms, these numbers are likely to change over time. Way too little time has passed since the Season 2 premiere for these scores to be final, but from what we’re hearing so far, most critics are in love with the new series and deem it worthy.

Critics Are Loving Outer Range Season 2

The early reviews for Season 2 are already piling up, and most critics are praising the new series. They specifically praise Outer Range’s unique tone and setting, described as “the singer singing the song while plummeting through space and time” and “Yellowstone-on-shrooms” by Wall Street Journal’s John Anderson, for one.

“It’s an improvement over the intriguing but less textured first season. That could be by design. <...> The new season not only gives us impactful interactions with stronger acting moments, but worthwhile new ironies, spiritual dimensions, and just plain cool plot twists,” The Wrap’s Bob Strauss pointed out in his review.

Outer Range Season 2 continues the tale of a man fighting for his family and ranch’s survival in the Wyoming wilderness where strange things start to happen with the appearance of a time-transporting hole and other unexplainable peculiarities. You can watch Outer Range on Apple TV and Prime Video.

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