Being a Series Regular on Supernatural Cost Mark Sheppard Actual Money

Being a Series Regular on Supernatural Cost Mark Sheppard Actual Money
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Crowley is one of the most popular characters on Supernatural, with some fans having love for him that surpasses even the main cast, Sam, and Dean.

While he initially appeared as a guest star, the viewers could not get enough of him and so he was eventually promoted to a series regular. That sounds like a sweet deal, right? Wrong…

Mark Sheppard, the brilliant actor who gave life to the beloved Crowley, has revealed that it cost him big to become a series regular.

Literally. He revealed at Fan Expo Canada that he took a significant reduction in pay once he was "promoted."

He explained that the money actors earn as guest stars far exceed their salary as regular cast members. "It actually cost me money being a series regular," he said.

Crowley appeared until the end of season 12, and Sheppard has made no secret of the difficulties he faced while working on the show. The loss of income is just one of his many tales of woe.

Do not be mistaken into thinking Sheppard did not enjoy his time on Supernatural. The truth is quite the opposite. He loved playing Crowley.

But he has presented a very realistic picture of what things were like behind the scenes and that it was not always as glamorous as one might believe.

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Sheppard has also previously expressed his dislike for the way Crowley's story progressed, feeling like he knew when his time on the show was coming to an end, long before it did.

While there is no question that his performance in the role remained strong right to the bitter end, despite his lower salary, he has admitted feeling a loss of love for the character as time went on.

He has never given an indication that money was the issue. Had that been the case, he could have simply declined the offer and resigned from the role between contract renewals.

But it seems that his feelings toward Supernatural have become less rosy since his departure, with the cut in his pay only representing one negative facet of an entire experience.

Overall, it would be fair to say that Sheppard's feelings about his time on Supernatural are mixed. He loved playing Crowley and adored working with his various co-stars.

He has also spoken fondly of the fanbase and how appreciative he is of everyone's support. But no job is perfect, and he has not been shy about speaking out on the issues he faced during his time as Crowley.