Apple TV Plus 2024 Status: 4 More Shows Renewed, 1 Canceled

Apple TV Plus 2024 Status: 4 More Shows Renewed, 1 Canceled
Image credit: Apple TV+

Find out whether your favorite’s going to be back.

One of the things that many people tend to dislike about the TV production format that streaming platforms have brought and popularized is how easy it is to cancel shows that don't get enough traction. While the more traditional networks tend to give the series at least a second chance, platforms like Netflix or Apple TV Plus don't waste any time.

If you were waiting for some positive news about the Apple TV Plus lineup, here it is: In 2024, the streamer had canceled only one show, compared to 4 renewals. Not that this will make the fans of the canceled title any happier, but it goes to show an overall positive dynamic.

Here are the 4 shows that have been renewed by Apple TV Plus in 2024 so far, and 1 unfortunate cancellation.

Renewed: Slow Horses (2022-...)

The Gary Oldman-led spy thriller Slow Horses doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The TV series has reached its fifth season and was successfully renewed, so fans of the Slough House series of novels can now expect the fifth book, London Rules, to be adapted for the screen.

Renewed: Hijack (2023-...)

Another thriller, Hijack, has only just begun, but already has its viewers in a tight grip. Starring another A-lister, Idris Elba, as a brilliant corporate negotiator stuck on a hijacked plane from Dubai to London, the show is sure to add a few more entries to the list of reasons to be afraid of flying.

Renewed: Invasion (2021-...)

With so many sci-fi shows so popular right now, it would have been a huge mistake for Apple TV Plus to cancel one of its most interesting alien shows right now. Instead, it's been given the green light to produce a third season and dive even deeper into exploring the chaos caused by the unknown.

Renewed: Criminal Record ( 2024-...)

Led by Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo, Criminal Record was destined for success from the start. The show has that brooding look that crime fans love, the mind-bending mystery full of twists and turns, and the determination to tackle some socially important issues that other shows might find a little too uncomfortable. What's not to love?

Canceled: Schmigadoon (2021-2023)

Unfortunately, U.S. audiences seem to prefer thrillers and dystopian future stories over light-hearted musical comedies. Despite the talents of Keegan-Michael Key, Cecily Strong, Dove Cameron and many other great singers in the cast, the show failed to gain enough traction to get renewed.