All 4 New Star Wars Shows Confirmed to Release in 2024

All 4 New Star Wars Shows Confirmed to Release in 2024
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The most anticipated additions to the Star Wars universe.

The past few years have been a mixed bag for Lucasfilm. On the one hand, Star Wars fans have been treated to a wealth of exciting content, offering both thoughtful forays into lore thanks to The Bad Batch and Tales of the Jedi, as well as original yet faithful to George Lucas projects ranging from the political parable Andor to an anthology series Star Wars: Visions from various foreign animation studios.

At the same time, Lucasfilms has had its share of problems related to creative control over the production process. For example, Willow was canceled and removed from Disney+ for absolutely ridiculous reasons, the long-awaited third season of The Mandalorian turned out to be far inferior to the previous two, and many potential projects were scrapped alltogether. The future of Star Wars looks extremely promising, however, with four highly anticipated shows about a Galaxy Far, Far Away set to be released this year.

What Is Not Coming Out in 2024

First, do not expect a second season of Andor this year. Due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the show's release date has been pushed back to 2025.

Secondly, we shouldn't expect a continuation of the stories of Lucasfilm's main creators, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, embedded in the so-called FiloniVerse. We're talking about the fourth season of The Mandalorian and the second season of Ahsoka, which will most likely be released in 2025. Perhaps we will also see a feature film directed by Filoni that will conclude these stories.

Star Wars TV Shows Scheduled for This Year

4. The Bad Batch, Season 3

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Release Date: February 21, 2024

A spin-off of the iconic animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch chronicles the misadventures of the elite Clone Troopers in the aftermath of the tragic Order 66 and during the early years of the Galactic Empire. While the series initially received a relatively cold response, it quickly grew in popularity due to its compelling characters, lore-heavy writing, and connections to Lucas' movies. Season 3 will be the last season.

3. Tales of the Jedi, Season 2

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Release Date: TBA, 2024

Fans can look forward to the return of Tales of the Jedi, Dave Filoni's passion project, which is an anthology of backstories for characters from the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars.

2. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Release Date: TBA, 2024

Although Skeleton Crew is billed as a story aimed at kids and teens, we all know that 'kids' shows' like The Clone Wars often tackle pretty heavy subjects and contain some explicit sequences dealing with the horrors of war and its repercussions. So this is definitely one of the most anticipated series for fans, and it will take place around the same time as The Mandalorian.

Skeleton Crew will follow the group of children who got lost somewhere in the Galaxy and are now being protected by a Force user portrayed by Jude Law.

1. The Acolyte

Release Date: TBA, 2024

The Acolyte is a prequel to the entire George Lucas saga, set one hundred years prior to The Phantom Menace during the High Republic era, which is a Star Wars sub-franchise in its own right. The Acolyte is the first live-action show to take place in the setting and will tell the story of a former Padawan, played by Amandla Stenberg, who investigates mysterious cases with her former Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) that may be related to involvement with the Dark Side.