Adria Arjona's Upcoming Netflix Action Already Got Near-Perfect 96% Tomatometer

Adria Arjona's Upcoming Netflix Action Already Got Near-Perfect 96% Tomatometer
Image credit: Netflix

It's safe to say that this will be a hit.


  • This is not the only movie that Arjona has starred in that has earned a 96%, but it will redeem her from a recent cinematic flop.
  • This movie really shows off Arjona's action skills, with a unique romantic comedy story at its core.

Fake identities, false pretenses, and romance under potentially deadly (and illegal) circumstances, Netflix 's upcoming release is going to be a good one, and it's already got the ratings to prove it.

Inspired by the true story of a real, fake hitman

Adapted from an unbelievable true story, this action-comedy chronicles the chaotic undercover life of Gary Johnson, a soft-spoken, geeky professor who takes on multiple hitman identities to help the police catch those who try to hire him. Glen Powell brings the character and his many alter egos to life in a hilarious and entertaining way, leading the story as the unassuming undercover hero until he meets his match.

They say you should never mix your business and personal lives, and the two become uncontrollably blurred when Johnson begins to fall for Adria Arjona's character, who seeks his fake services in Hit Man.

Playing a fake persona, but feeling a real attraction to his client, sparks fly between the two almost immediately, leaving both in for a rather complicated ride.

Hit Man could be Arjona's redemption

She may be on the wrong side of the law, but this role feels so right. Not long ago, Adria Arjona showed off her versatility and action chops in Season 1 of Andor, which also earned a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The high score also put this Star Wars series in first place as the franchise's highest grossing series to date.

Unfortunately for Arjona, despite the success of 2022's Andor, she was part of another release in the same year that received quite the opposite reaction. Starring Jared Leto, Morbius follows a desperate doctor who transforms into a vampire creature while trying to cure himself of a deadly blood disease. The extremely delayed superhero movie lacked depth, intrigue and a good script, leading critics to give it a 15% score.

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Luckily for Arjona, there is a chance to change that. Just as Johnson will try to convince her not to hire him for a hit job, Hit Man will put her on the path to being remembered for her role in successful projects.

Powell got behind the scenes

Glen Powell not only serves as the charming, adaptable lead, he also worked on the movie behind the scenes. He made his screenwriting debut working alongside Richard Linklater, who served as the film's writer and director. With films such as Boyhood (2014) and Before Midnight (2013), Linklater's style shines through again in Hit Man, with an energetic story and idiosyncratic characters.

Made on an $8.8 million budget and grossing just over $100 million worldwide, it's clear that this film hit the mark, and not just commercially. Critics seemed to have nothing but praise for the movie, with their responses easily summed up by reviews like this one:

'Starpower gets us to look but combine it with a smart script and genuine dynamic chemistry and you have that rare blend of crowd pleaser and artistry with Glen Powell more than ready for his close-ups in one of Richard Linklater's most entertaining films.'

Critics weren't the only ones who loved Hit Man. Following its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, Netflix reportedly acquired the hot new film for around $20 million.

Hit Man will be released on Netflix in select countries on Friday, June 7.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes.