Adam Sandler’s Greatest Thriller Ever Is on Max Now

Adam Sandler’s Greatest Thriller Ever Is on Max Now
Image credit: Legion-Media

It took quite a long time for the streaming to welcome a movie with the comedian’s best career performance.

Netflix may be giving its viewers a little more nostalgia for 2000s flicks by constantly dropping Adam Sandler ’s best comedies since the beginning of this year, but Max seems to be down for the actor’s more dramatical takes, as the streaming added Sandler’s big hit to its collection several days ago.

Initially having received its digital release on Netflix back in 2020, a crime thriller Uncut Gems just blew everyone away becoming an eye-opening moment for those who never got to imagine the actor out of his comic frame.

What Is Uncut Gems About?

Considered one of the best movies of 2019, Uncut Gems follows broke Jewish-American jeweler and gambling addict Howard Ratner whose risky lifestyle that depends exclusively on how his high bets will play out this time left his family and once successful career in total misery.

Constantly looking for a way to win big and finally pay off all his debts, Ratner stumbles upon a rare uncut Opal from Ethiopia and is tempted to get it from a high-profile buyer. When a better life finally becomes a possible option once he purchases the gem, Ratner faces a harsh choice that forces him into even more entangled and dangerous games in a hope of staying alive.

Having received a limited theatrical release, Uncut Gems was nonetheless quick to break even and bring its creators some benefit by garnering $50 million against the initial budget of $19 million.

Though the movie wasn’t a big hit among viewers who attributed it an average score of 52% on Rotten Tomatoes, it still got rave reviews from critics claiming that Uncut Gems came as a solid proof of Adam Sandler’s versatile acting talent and also his best dramatical performance ever since the start of his career. Uncut Gems later on landed an impressive rating of 91% from the professionals on Rotten Tomatoes.

Uncut Gems is available for streaming on Netflix and Max.